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~ A ~

Abajo; mountains, a laccolithic group in the eastern part of the State.
Abajo; peak, the highest of the Abajo Mountains; altitude, 11,445 feet.
Adams Head; plateau summit in the southern part of the State; altitude, 10,360 feet.
Adamsville; post village in Beaver County; population, 174.
Agassiz, Mount; Uinta Range; altitude, 13,000 feet.
Alice, Mount; altitude, 9,540 feet Fish Lake.
Alpine; city in Utah County; population, 423.
American Fork; city in Utah County, situated in Utah Lake Valley, at the west base of the Wasatch Range. It has two railroads-the Oregon Short Line and the Rio Grande Western. Population, 2,347.
American Fork; stream rising in Wasatch Mountains and flowing southwest into Utah Lake.
Annabella; post village in Sevier County; population, 338.
Antelope; mountainous island in Great Salt Lake; altitude, 6,660 feet.
Antelope; spring in Escalante Desert, at north base of Iron Mountains; altitude, 5,390 feet.
Antelope; spring.
Aquarius; plateau; altitude, 10,000-11,000 feet.
Argenta; post village in Salt Lake County.
Arido; creek, small left-hand branch of San Juan River.
Asays; post village in Garfield County.
Ashe; creek, right-hand tributary to Virgin River.
Ashley; post village in Uinta County.
Ashley; creek, right-hand branch of Green River Ashley.
Ashley Park; valley on Ashley Fork, at south base of Uinta Mountains.
Asphalt; creek, left-hand branch of White River.
Aurora; post village in Sevier County, situated on Rio Grande Western Railway; population, 360.
Avon; post village in Cache County; population, 145.
Awapa; inclined plateau sloping eastward, east of Grass Valley; altitude, 8, 000-10, 000 feet.
Axtell; post village in San Pete County.

~ B ~

Bad Land; cliffs forming south limit of inclined plateau south of White and Uinta rivers.
Bad Land; creek, left-hand branch of Green River.
Bald; mountain, a peak of Uinta Range; altitude, 11,975 feet.
Baldy; peak in the Tushar Mountains; altitude, 11,730 feet.
Barrier; creek, right-hand branch of Green River.
Bartles, Mount; a summit of the Roan or Brown Cliffs; altitude, 10, 050 feet.
Battle; creek, rises in Wasatch Mountains and flows into Utah Lake.
Bear; lake in northeastern Utah, draining northward into Bear River; altitude, 5,900 feet.
Bear; river rising in the north slopes of Uinta Mountains; flows at first north, then northwest across the southwest corner of Wyoming and into southeastern Idaho. At the Soda Springs it turns to a southerly course, in which it traverses Cache Valley; then turning to the west it cuts through the valley via the Gates. It enters Salt Lake at the northeast arm, near Corinne. Length, 320 miles.
Bear Lake; plateau separating Bear Lake on the west from Bear River on the east.
Bear River; range of mountains separating Cache Valley on the west from the valley of Bear Lake on the east. The highest summit is North Logan Peak; altitude, 10,004 feet.
Bear River City; town in Boxelder County; population, 461.
Bear; valley in Markagunt Plateau.
Bear Valley; peak, summit of Markagunt Plateau; altitude, 10,500 feet.
Beaver; city, county seat of Beaver County; population, 2,043; magnetic declination, 14 55'.
Beaver; county; area, 2,510 square miles; population, 3,791; magnetic declination, 15 15/ to 15 45/ west.
Beaver; creek, small, left-hand branch of Green River.
Beaver; creek, rises in Tushar Mountains, flows west a short distance, then north, and sinks.
Beaver Dam; mountains, a group in the southwestern part of the State.
Beaver; mountains, range east of Sevier Lake.
Beckwith; plateau, a fragment cut off from the Book Cliffs by the canyon of Price River.
Belknap; peak in Tushar Mountains; altitude, 12,200 feet.
Benjamin; post village in Utah County, on the Oregon Short Line; population, 605.
Benson; post village in Cache County; population, 221.
Big Cottonwood; creek, right-hand branch of Jordan River, heading in Wasatch Mountains.
Bingham; post village in Salt Lake County, on the Rio Grande Western Railway; population, 1,313.
Bingham; creek flowing from Oquirrh Range to Jordan River.
Birch; creek, small left-hand branch of Escalante River.
Bishop; creek, right-hand branch of Green River.
Bitter Water; creek, right-hand branch of Grand River.
Bitter Water; creek, right fork of Two Water Creek.
Black; creek rising in northern slopes of Uinta Mountains and flowing northward into Wyoming.
Black Rock; post village in Millard County, on the Oregon Short Line.
Black Rock; spring at east base of Beaver Range.
Blacksmith Fork; left-hand tributary to Bear River, heading in Bear River Range.
Blacktail; mountain near head of Duchesne River; altitude, 10,000 feet.
Blaine; post village in Davis County.
Blue; creek, tributary of Great Salt Lake; flows southward through a broad valley and enters the lake at its northeast border.
Blue, Mount; summit of Sevier Plateau.
Bluff; post village in San Juan County; population, 194.
Book; cliffs limiting Grand River Valley on the north.
Boulder; creek, left-hand branch of Escalante River.
Bountiful; city in Davis County, situated on Salt Lake and Ogden Railway; population, 2,438.
Bowl; creek, right-hand branch of Fremont River.
Boxelder; county; area, 5,630 square miles; population, 8,331; magnetic declination, 17 10' east.
Box Elder; creek flowing from Stansbury Range and sinking in Tooele Valley.
Brian Head; summit on the Markagunt Plateau.
Brigham; city, county seat of Boxelder County, situated on the Oregon Short Line and the Southern Pacific Railroad (called "Zenda" on Southern Pacific); population, 2,139 in 1890.
Brighton; post village in Salt Lake County, on Union Pacific Railroad; population, 148.
Brinton; post village in Salt Lake County.
Brock; post village in Carbon County.
Browns Park; valley on Green River in the heart of the Uinta Range.
Bruin Point; summit of Brown Cliffs; altitude, 10,150 feet.
Brush; creek, right-hand branch of Green River.
Buckhorn; spring in Parowan Valley.
Burbank; post village in Millard County; population, 115.
Burro; peak in Uinta Range; altitude, 12,834 feet.
Burrville; post village in Sevier County; population, 119.
Butlerville; post village in Salt Lake County; population, 475.
Butler Wash; right-hand branch of San Juan River.
Butterfield; creek flowing from Oquirrh Range and sinking in Salt Lake Valley.




Source: Bulletin of the United States, Utah, Geological Survey, by Henry Gannett, Government Printing Office, 1900.


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