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Work of Relief for Destitute Widows and Orphans

No sooner had the Salt Lake dailies heard of the disaster, and knowing well the condition of laboring men's families when the Bread Winners are taken away, called for relief, which has since been of such benefit to the families of the deceased, that they and their relatives cannot find words to express their thankfulness to everyone who has assisted them in their hour of desolation and need.

Treasurer A. L. Thomas, of the Salt Lake Relief Committee, announced the following places where funds for the Scofield sufferers would be received and where the subscription papers bearing the signature of the treasurer would be placed.

1. Wells, Fargo & Co.
2. W. S. McCornick & Co.
3. Deseret National Bank.
4. National Bank of the Republic
5. Walker Brothers' Bank.
6. Z. C. M. I.
7. State Bank of Utah.
8. Zion's Savings Bank and Trust Co.
9. Utah National Bank.
10. Bank of Commerce.
11. Commercial National Bank.
12. T. R. Jones & Co.
13. Utah Commercial and Savings Bank.
14. Utah Savings and Trust Co.
15. F. Auerbach & Brother.
16. Walker Brothers Dry Goods Co.
17. R. K. Thomas & Co.
18. Cutler Bros. Company.
19. Clark, Eldredge & Co.
20. Georg M. Scott-Strevell Hardware Co.
21. Salt Lake Hardware Co.
22. Utah Stove and Hardware Co.
23. Knutsford Hotel.
24. Kenyon Hotel.
25. Cullen Hotel.
26. White House.
27. Cunnington Co.
28. Consolidated Implement Co.
29. Studebaker Brothers Co.
30. Cooperative Wagon and Machine Co.
31. Utah Implement Co.
32. Trent Engineering and Machinery Co.
33. The Mine and Smelter Supply Co.
34. Alta Club.
35. University Club.
36. George Q. Cannon and Sons Co.
37. Calloway, Hoock, and Francis.
38. Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Co.
39. Oregon Short Line Officers.
40. Rio Grande Officers.
41. Coop Furniture Co.
42. Henry Dinwoody Furniture Co.
43. P. W. Madsen.
44. National Biscuit Company.
45. Geo. Mullet and Co.
46. J. P. Gardner and Co.
47. Siegel Clothing Co.
48. Salt Lake City Brewing Co.
49. Henry Wagner Brewing Co.
50. A Fisher Brewing Co.
51. Barton and Co.
52. S. P. Teasdale and Co.
53. E. M. Friedman and Co.
54. E. O. Reilley.
55. Bamburger Coal Co.
56. Citizens Coal Co.
57. Diamond Coal Co.
58. F. W. Hanson Produce Co.
59. C. R. Savage.
60. New York Cash Store.
61. Nelden Judson Drug Co.
62. L. and A. Cohn.
63. Lace House.
64. Freed Furniture Co.
65, D. L. Davis.
66. Mayor's Office.
67. Salt Lake City Post office.

Never before in the annals of history did the people of the United States answer to a call of distress with more alacrity than did the people of Utah, and in fact all of the States, respond to the appeal for help for the widows and children of the miners killed at Number Four. Many of the families had been left without any support and the funds that were so generously contributed will be of great help to them in their distress.

Governor Wells Appeal

Governor Wells issued this proclamation: "The appalling effects of the explosion which occurred in the Winter Quarters coal mine, on the first of May have stunned our commonwealth with horror and plunged all our citizens in deepest grief. Of some 300 men who went into the mine on that fatal morning more than 225 at this hour have been brought to the surface dead, while the search for and recovery of others certain to have perished is still going on. A disaster so awful staggers comprehension. It has fallen upon the community like a deadly pall. It is a shock that blows the spirit of those most easily moved and chills with sickening gloom, the stoutest hearts. In the sympathy which swells from every soul in the civilized world toward us in this hour of supernal sorrow, there is also a prompt and generous tender of material aid and comfort from the public spirited citizens of our state toward the families suddenly and cruelly bereaved. The readiness and magnanimity with which these offers of assistance have been made are at once creditable and characteristic. But in the presence of a mortality so enormous the means already subscribed, though reaching many thousands of dollars, can but suffice for the needs of the moment. To the paralyzing sadness which enshrouds the widows and orphans there cannot be added, doubt or despair as to the means of satisfying daily wants.

The consolation that sooths and binds up the bleeding heart, must come from a higher source. Let ours be the duty to administer human succor till every afflicted one shall have passed safely through this period of crushing distress.

It is therefore most earnestly enjoined upon all who have thus far interested themselves in this direction and upon all the people of the State to continue without relaxation the work of relief so well begun. It is improbable that the actual needs of the bereaved families will fall in any measure short of the aid that can be extended. All mayors of cities and presidents of town boards throughout the State should immediately take steps, where this has not already been done, to have the work of collection performed in a thorough and systematic manner. It is suggested that this be done by the appointment of trustworthy and energetic committees who will conduct the canvass among their fellow citizens, either for money or supplies.

And with a view to establishing a responsible central repository for the fund so collected and providing a competent and equitable method of distribution to the sufferers, I, Heber M; Wells, Governor of Utah, reposing special trust and confidence in the following named citizens, do hereby appoint them a central relief committee, requesting them to receive all contributions that have been or shall hereafter be made, and to apportion and distribute the same to those entitled to receive them, as their best judgment may dictate: J. T. Hammond, Ezra Thompson, E. W. Wilson, of Salt Lake City; Lafayette Holbrook, Provo; John Jones, Spanish Fork; O. G. Kimball and T. J. Parmley, Scofield.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the great seal of the State to be hereunto affixed, this 3rd day of May, A. D. 1900.

Heber M. Wells, Governor.

By the Governor:
J. T. Hammond, Secretary of State



Source: History of the Scofield Mine Disaster, by J. W. Dilley, The Skelton Pub. Co., Provo, Utah, 1900.

Editors Note: The I.. O. O. F. were very active in raising money for the benefit of the widows and children along with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This information is included for historical value, it does not mean the people of this project support these institutions.


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