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Scofield Town Petitioners


We, your petitioners, residents and taxpayers of Scofield Precinct, would respectfully represent to your Honorable Body: That the following tract of land, being a part of the Precinct of Scofield, contains more than three hundred inhabitants, and we, your petitioners, hereby pray that the said described land may by your Honorable Body be declared a Body Corporate and politic under the name and style of the Town of Scofield.

That said Town may be granted all the rights and privileges of Towns incorporated under Chapter XII. Vol. 1, Compiled Laws of Utah.

That said Town may include the following lands: The SE ¼ Section 32. Township 12, South of Range 7 East, and Lots 1, 3 and 4 of Section 5, Township 13, South of Range 7 East, known as the "Wye."' Also S. ½ of NW ¼ Section 5, Township 12. South of Range 7 East, being lands belonging to S. J. Harkness; and we, your petitioners, as in duty bound will ever pray.

S. J. Harkness
D. D. Green
Patterson Loveridge
Alex. Johnson
J. K. Parcell
Chris Jensen
E. W. Curtis
Lee Gordon
Isaac Morgan
J. W. Jones
Samuel Davis
Thomas F. Davis
William E. Lewis
John E. Ingles
David Eccles
W. Ingles
P. Eccles
Lauritz Peterson
Lafayette Granger
O. G Kimball
John W. Newren
J. H. Lynn
D. Wright
W. H. Sherman
J. S. Patterson
A. Hood
A. J. Watson
T. J. Lewis
Thomas P. Page
A. H. Earll
James Tucker
E. F. Cunningham
B. R. McDonald
T. H. Thomas
Samuel Padfield
Hyrum Richards
Edwin Jones
David J. Reese
W. C. Burrows
Hugh Hunter
T. B. Finney
Richard Hunter
J. H. Lewis
F. H. Mereweather
John Potter
William Leyshon
Sarah Rosser.
Joseph S. Thomas
Richard T. Evans
Lewis Miller
T. J. Parmley
Jake Carrick
William Edwards
Thomas M. Richards
Charles Young
R. McKechny
J. M. Beatie
J. C. Evans
Harry Evans

John Q. Evans
Thomas Cox
William Cox
George Cox
Joseph Cox
Daniel Pitman
Isaiah Llewellyn
John F. Price
Evan Williams
John Lloyd
Joseph Castle
Thomas F. Hardee
John Samuels
George A. Wilcox
C. A. Robbins
J. A. Burrows
Thomas L. Reese
John Webber
William Fuller
Harry Davis
R. E. Parcell
J. W. Metcalf
John Patterson
James Gatherum
John F. Anderson
Christian J. Jensen
Frank Strang
Lars Jensen
Jensen Hazzard
David Burrows
Jones Russell
Robert Hunter
A. J. Nolton
Adam Hunter
Charles Sneddon
John Hunter
Andrew Hunter
Reese Lloyd John
W. W. Lloyd
Thomas Hardee


Source: History of the Scofield Mine Disaster, by J. W. Dilley, The Skelton Pub. Co., Provo, Utah, 1900.

Editors Note: The I.. O. O. F. were very active in raising money for the benefit of the widows and children along with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This information is included for historical value, it does not mean the people of this project support these institutions.


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