Utah County, Utah ~ Farmers & Merchants ~ Surname P

Abbreviations used in these pages

A - acres
mi - miles
Fmly - Family (number)
PO - Post Office
RFD - Rural Free Delivery
E - East
N - North
S - South
W - West
NE - Northeast
NW - Northwest
American Fork - Am Fork
Goshen - Goshen
Lehi - Lehi
Mapleton - Mapleton
Payson - Payson
Pl Grove - Pleasant Grove
Provo - Provo
Salem - Salem
Santaquin - Santaquin
Spanish Fork - Sp Fork
Spgvl - Springville


Pace Alfred L, Thistle, 79A.

Pace John A, Thistle, 240A.

Pace S A, Provo RFD 1, Box 137, phone 149-J-6, 10A 5 mi N. Elberta peaches, apples. Fmly 9.

Pace W A, Spgvl, 85A 9 mi E. Grain, alfalfa. Pace Wm A, Thistle, 209A.

Packard C F, Spgvl, 60A 1½ mi W. Beets, wild hay. Fmly 8.

Packard Jacob A, Spgvl, phone 20, 285A 1½ mi W. Beets, grazing, mangles, wild hay, dairying. Fmly 6.

Packard Sophia A, Spgvl, 9A 1 mi W. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Page A C, Payson, 43A 8 mi SW. Elberta peaches, wheat, oats, barley.

Page Don S, Payson, 43A 8 mi SE. Wheat, oats, barley.

Page Geo W, Payson, 40A 8 mi SW. Wheat, oats, barley.

Page J S Jr, Payson, phone 24, 100A 3 mi SE, 80A 3 mi SW, 50A in city limits. Wheat, alfalfa, Elberta peaches, apples, cherries, hogs.

Page Wm H, Goshen, 1A ½ mi N. Garden truck. Fmly 1.

Palfreyman Dennis, (Railroad Contractor) Spgvl. 33A 1 mi E. Alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Palfreyman Ed T, Spgvl, 3 E and Center, 10A in Mapleton, 6 mi SE. Alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Palfreyman I G, Spgvl RFD 1, 4A 3 mi SE, rents 40A 4 mi E owned by R Palfreyman. Cherries, wheat, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 3.

Palfreyman R. Spgvl, 33A 1 mi E, 47A 4 mi E. Hay, cattle, wheat, horses.

Palmer Ellis, (Bonneville Farm) Provo RFD 2, rents 60A owned by Jesse Knight. Wheat, beets.

Palmer Ellis. Provo, rents 300A 3 mi S owned by Jesse Knight, Provo. Fruit, walnuts, wheat, general farming.

Palmer Wm. Provo, 327 W 1 S, 1A in city limits. Vegetables. Fmly 2.

Parcell Mrs. R E, Provo RFD 1, Box 188, 4A 6½ mi N. Peaches, apples, raspberries. Fmly 3.

Park David S, Provo RFD 2, phone 149-J-3, 20A 5½ mi W, 80A 5 mi N. Jonathan apples, peaches, pork. Fmly 8.

Park John D, Provo RFD 1, Box 167, phone 127-R-4, 10A 5½ mi NW on State road. Raspberries, tomatoes, potatoes, alfalfa, Elberta peaches, wheat. Fmly 5.

Park J S, Provo RFD 1, phone 127-J-5, 30A 5½ mi NW on State road. Elberta peaches, Winesap. Rome Beauty apples, alfalfa, potatoes. Fmly 4.

Park Wm. Provo, 586 S 5 W, 4A 2 mi SW. Fruit, vegetables.

Park Wm S, Provo RFD 1, Box 169, 21A 6 mi NW, rents 25A adj owned by John S. Park. Elberta peaches, apples, alfalfa, grain, poultry, eggs. Fmly 5.

Parker A, Am Fork, 20A 1 mi NW. Beets, wheat. Fmly 2.

Parker Emma C, Payson, 5A 1 mi S. Alfalfa.

Parker John H, Payson. 15A, rents 6A owned by Lucy Wilson. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 4.

Parker L, Am Fork, 87A 2 mi N PI Grove. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, beets. Fmly 11.

Parker T B, Am Fork, 75A 2 mi SE. Beets, Timothy.

Parker Wm D, Eureka, 1A 1 mi S Payson, rented to H T Bates. Peaches, cherries, apricots. Fmly 8.

Parker W G, Thistle, land owner.

Parry Parley, Mapleton RFD 1, 8A, homestead 160A, rents 5A owned by Lucy Van Lenvan. Wheat, oats, alfalfa, beets.

Partridge Alice A, Payson, 18A 1½ mi E. Alfalfa, beets, wheat.

Partridge Chas, Goshen, 70A 3 mi SW. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 5.

Partridge E D, Provo, 195 E 4 N, 80A in Provo Canyon, 5A 2½ mi NW. General farming, truck gardening.

Partridge R. Provo RFD 1, Box 99, phone 178-R-2. 25½A 3½ mi NW, 5½A 4 mi NW. Fruit, alfalfa, grain. Fmly 6.

Passey Roy, Provo RFD 2, phone 309-W, rents 15A 1½ mi SE owned by H W Startup. Peaches, apples, cherries. Fmly 4.

Patrick John, Spgvl, 160A 20 mi SE. Wheat. Fmly 3.

Patten C H, Santaquin, rents 600A owned by Tom Reece, Payson. Wheat, oats, hay. Fmly 8.

Patten D W, Provo RFD 1, Box 108, 20A 4 mi NW. Hay, grain, potatoes, beets. Fmly 4.

Patten Thos G, Provo RFD 1, Box 309, 20A 4½ mi NW, 11A 6 mi NW. Jonathan apples, Elberta peaches, currants, raspberries, sweet potatoes, gooseberries. Fmly 9.

Patten W W, Provo RFD 1, Box 108, 5A 4 mi NW. Elberta peaches, apples. Fmly 5.

Patterson Andrew, Lehi, 45A, rents 2½A. General farming.

Patterson Jos R, Sp Fork, 25A 1½ mi W. Beets. Fmly 6.

Patton A L, Mosida, rents 70A 15 mi NW Goshen owned by Mosida Land & Fruit Co. Calif. Club wheat, hay, oats, barley. Fmly 5.

Paulson C E, Sp Fork, phone 161-M, 1A ½ mi SE, rents 6A owned by Bankhead Estate. Beets. Fmly 8.

Paulson John Provo RFD 1, Box 111, 10A 4 mi NW. Peaches, apples, cement tiling. Fmly 8.

Pawmer J, Mosida, 120A Alfalfa, wheat, hogs. Fmly 7.

Pawnee Farm Co, (J H Gardner Pres) Lehi, phone 189-R-l, 175A 3½ mi W, homestead 850A 5 mi W. Turkey Red, Colo Special and Blue Stem wheat, alfalfa, field corn, Duroc-Jersey hogs, Durham cattle, seed wheat.

Payne E D, Spgvl, 5A 1 mi S. Carrots, potatoes, onions, Black Ox Heart cherries, Elberta peaches.

Pearson C S, Sp Fork RFD 1, rents 4A 1 mi W owned by Earl Gay. Alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Peay Anna M, Provo, 1A 1 mi SW. Chickens, eggs. Fmly 1.

Peay Arthur E, Sp Fork, 40A 7 mi W. Wheat, alfalfa, apples, beets. Fmly 6.

Peay D R, Provo RFD 2, 6A, 1 mi NW, 40A 2½ mi SW. Beets, hay, mixed farming. Fmly 5.

Peay F A, Provo RFD 2, 1240 W 6 S, rents 12A 1½ mi SW owned by Mrs. Anna Peay. Beets, potatoes, apples. Fmly 3.

Peay Francis E, Sp Fork RFD 2, 44A 4 mi W. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Peay Franklin F, Sp Fork, 19A 3 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 5.

Peay Gid, Provo, 715 W 3 S, 4A ½ mi W. Potatoes, grain. Fmly 5.

Peay John E, Provo, 627 S 5 W, 15A 1½ mi S. Beets.

Peay J R, Sp Fork, 29A ½ mi W of Benj. Wheat, beets.

Peay Walter B. Provo, 1318 W 6 S, phone 474-R. 5A 1½ mi SW. Small fruits, chickens. Fmly 4.

Peay Wm B, Provo RFD 2, 1186 W 6 S, 25A 1½ mi SW. Beets, grain, potatoes, beans. Fmly 6.

Peay W R, Provo, 612 W 5 N, 4A 1½ mi SW. Hay, grain, potatoes. Fmly 8.

Peck A M Jr, Provo RFD 1, Box 218, 15A 7 mi NW. Raspberries, apples, peaches, hay. Fmly 9.

Peck Elisha, Lehi RFD 1, 67A 1½ mi NE, 20A 2 mi N, homestead 120A grazing land 20 mi W. Potatoes, tomatoes, beets, alfalfa, apples, Elberta peaches, Calif Club wheat, oats, Blue barley, raspberries, binder and combination fence. Fmly 7.

Peck Everett B, Provo RFD 1, Box 297, phone 138-J-3, rents 97A 5 mi NW owned by U G, Miller, Murray, Utah. Alfalfa, Elberta peaches, Jonathan and Gano apples, tomatoes. Fmly 5.

Peck Isaac, Lehi, 15A 1½ mi NE, rents 5A adj owned by Elisha Peck. Beets, alfalfa, Club wheat, Sparrowbill oats.

Peck John H, Lehi RFD 1, Box 6, 10A 1½ mi NE. Beets, Ben Davis apples. Fmly 2.

Peck Thomas J, Lehi RFD 1. Box 23, rents 18A 1 mi NE owned by Mrs. Charlotte Peck.

Calif Club wheat, barley, White Pearl potatoes, alfalfa, Buff Orpington chickens, Jonathan and Rome Beauty apples. Fmly 6.

Pedersen Alfred, Mapleton, 10A. Peaches, cherries, apples, alfalfa, tomatoes, poultry.

Pedersen J P, Provo RFD 1, Box 73, 10A 6 mi NW on State road. Elberta peaches. Fmly 10

Pederson Karl, Provo RFD 2, Box 26, phone 472-R-l, 27A 2½ mi NE. Potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, peaches. Fmly 11.

Peery Andrew B, Payson, 20A 1½ mi W. Beets.

Peery Bert, Sp Lake, 31A 1 mi NW. Wheat, oats, hay. Fmly 7.

Peery Claude, Sp Lake, 2A 3 mi S Payson, rents 40A owned by T E Peery. Wheat, beets. Fmly 4.

Peery Edw, Payson, 30A 3 mi S, rents 10A owned by Vina Moore. Beets, potatoes, wheat, barley. Fmly 7.

Peery Ella, Payson (Sp Lake) 14A 3 mi S. Alfalfa Fmly 4.

Peery T E, Sp Lake, 40A 3 mi S Payson. Wheat, beets. Fmly 2.

Peery Woodson, Payson (Sp Lake) 23A 3 mi SW. Alfalfa, wheat.

Pehrson M H, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 59-A, 8A 3½ mi S. Raspberries, strawberries, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Penrod A L, Provo RFD 2, Box 42, 3A. Fruit, hay, grain, peaches, strawberries. Fmly 7.

Penrod C W, Provo, 1000 N 5 W, 7A in three tracts, rents 6A owned by R Bee. Hay, general farm products, grain.

Penrod D W, Am Fork, 1½A 5 blks NE. Raspberries, peaches, apples. Fmly 8.

Penrod Elmer, Am Fork, 2A 7 blks NE. Raspberries, gooseberries, currants. Fmly 10.

Penrod M L, Provo, 916 N 5 W, 3½A 3 mi NW. 3A 1 mi N. Fruit, general farm products.

Penrod W, Provo RFD 2, phone 426-R-l, 13A 1½ mi N. Hay, grain, potatoes. Fmly 9.

Penrod W A, Provo RFD 2, Box 43, phone 584-R-l, 6A ¼ mi N. Hay, grain, potatoes. Fmly 7.

Perry Chas B, Thistle, 20A.

Perry E H, Spgvl RFD 1, 16A 4 mi SE. Hay, grain, beets, peaches.

Perry Mrs. Elizabeth, Provo, 259 N 7 W, 5A 5 mi N. Hay, grain. Fmly 4.

Perry F J, Provo, 760 W 2 N, 1A ½ mi NW. Poultry. Fmly 6.

Perry Harley, Spgvl RFD 1, 8A 4 mi SE, homestead 160A Sp Fork. Hay, grain, beets.

Perry Horace, Spgvl RFD 1, 19A 4 mi SE. Grain, alfalfa.

Perry Hyrum B, Spgvl, 43A 4 mi SE, 280A grazing land. Thistle. Grain, beets, alfalfa.

Perry Marion, Spgvl RFD 1, 43A 4 mi SE. Wheat, beets.

Perry Mark, Spgvl RFD 1, 23A 4 mi SE, rents 17A owned by Mrs. M Murray, Hay, grain, beets.

Perry Mark, Spgvl, rents 23A 4 mi SE owned by Mrs. John Murray. Wheat, alfalfa, oats.

Perry Martin S, Spgvl, 10A 1½ mi W. Hay, wheat, beets.

Perry Sam, Payson, 36A 3 mi S. Hay, grain, beets.

Perry Wilford, Provo, 483N 8 W, phone 328-W. 5A 1 mi NW. Fruit, peaches, apples, general seeds, White Leghorn chickens. Fmly 5.

Person Amelia J, Payson, 30A 3 mi NW, 5A 2 mi E. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 5.

Peters W H, Spgvl, 10A 2 mi W. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Petersen Annie, Provo RFD 2, 6½A 1½ mi SE. Hay, beets. Fmly 3.

Peterson Andrew, Lehi, 35A 1½ mi NW, rents 15A adj owned by Jennie Webb. Beets, Turkey Red wheat, hay, barley. Black Minorca chickens, Hereford cattle. Fmly 8.

Peterson Andrew, Salem, phone 119-J, 13A ¼ mi W. Beets, wheat, alfalfa, potatoes, green house and truck garden. Fmly 8.

Peterson August, Spgvl RFD 1, 29A 5 mi SE. Alfalfa, grain, beets.

Peterson Christian, Lehi, 17A 1½ mi NE, 17A 1 mi SW, rents 15A owned by Samuel Briggs. Turkey Red and Colo Special wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa, red top, beets, Idaho Rural and Russet Gem potatoes, Duroc-Jersey hogs, Hereford cattle. Fmly 7.

Peterson Christian R, Lehi, rents 90A 3 mi W owned by Parley Austin. Calif Club wheat, oats, Idaho Rural potatoes, alfalfa, beets, Berkshire hogs, Durham cattle. Fmly 8.

Peterson Conrad, Am Fork RFD 1, 60A 6 mi N. General farming, fruit. Fmly 3.

Peterson David, Lehi, 5A 1½ mi W, rents 30A owned by Mrs. A A Peterson. Beets, wheat, oats, White Wyandotte and Black Minorca chickens. Fmly 7.

Peterson Ellis A, Lehi RFD 1, phone 70-W-2, 15A 1½ mi S, rents 23A owned by Mat Peterson and Mrs. Carrie Ball. New Zealand, Blue Stem and Calif Club wheat, barley, oats, Jersey and Durham cattle, Plymouth Rock chickens. Pearl White and Idaho Rural potatoes.

Peterson Fred. Payson, 8A 1 mi SW. Alfalfa, apples, oats. Fmly 4.

Peterson G A, Spgvl, (see J W).

Peterson Gunder, Thistle, 240A.

Peterson Hannah, PI Grove, 4A 6 blks NE. Elberta peaches, strawberries. Fmly 5.

Peterson Hans, Fairfield, 80A 1 mi E. Dryland wheat. Fmly 10.

Peterson Mrs. H C, Am Fork, 400A 7 mi W Lehi. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Peterson Henry A, Salem, 1A ½ mi N. Garden truck, Rhode Island Red chickens. Fmly 3.

Peterson Hyrum, Lehi, l½A ½ mi S, rents 5A owned by Andrew A Peterson. Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White chickens, truck gardening. Fmly 6.

Peterson James F, Lehi RFD 1, Box 2S, 43A 1 mi NE, homestead 48A 15 mi W. Silver Club and Golden Club wheat, Colo oats, Royal N Y potatoes, alfalfa, beets, White Orpington chickens, Hereford cattle. Fmly 6.

Peterson Jas, Cedar Fort, 100A 2 mi E. Alfalfa, wheat, general farming. Fmly 7.

Peterson Jas, Goshen, 12A 2 mi NW, rents 10A owned by Edw Okelberry. Beets. Fmly 7.

Peterson J C, Spgvl, 3A 3 mi SE. Alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Peterson J H, Sp Fork, phone 100-W, 22A 2½ mi SW. Wheat, beets.

Peterson John, Lehi RFD 1, Box 47, 35A 1 mi NE. Beets, Russet potatoes, Blue Stem wheat.

Peterson John, Spgvl. (See J W.)

Peterson John O, Santaquin, 45A 2½ mi NW. Hay, wheat, oats. Fmly 6.

Peterson Jos, Sp Fork RFD 1, phone 6-F-13, 56A 5 mi NW. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 10.

Peterson J W, G A and John, Spgvl, 25A in city limits, rents 17A owned by Manwaring, 12A owned by Everett. Alfalfa, stock.

Peterson L F, Santaquin, 4A 1 mi N, rents 30A 1 mi W owned by M C Gunderson. Wheat, potatoes, corn, peaches, apples. Fmly 8.

Peterson M, PI Grove, 2A ½ mi N. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Peterson Martin, Pl Grove, 14A in city limits. Fruits. Fmly 5.

Peterson Mat, Lehi, 8A 1½ mi S, 2½A ½ mi E. Mixed chickens, wheat, alfalfa, oats. Fmly 3.

Peterson Maud, PI Grove, 5A ½ mi NW. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Peterson Olaf, Santaquin, 160A 3 mi S, 10A 1 mi N, 5A 2 mi W. Wheat, corn, Elberta peaches, apples, Bartlett pears, grapes, beef cattle. Fmly 3.

Peterson Peter A, Santaquin, 6A 1 mi N, 4A 2 mi NW. Hay, peaches. Fmly 6.

Peterson Rudolph, Santaquin, 5A 1 mi NW. Hay. Fmly 3.

Peterson Thomas, Santaquin, 18A 1 mi N, 11A in city limits. Wheat.

Peterson W N, Sp Fork, 20A 3 mi SW. Beets, grain, alfalfa.

Peterson Willard, Sp Fork, 20A 1 mi SW. Beets, alfalfa, wheat.

Peterson T, PI Grove, 3A 3 blks N. Elberta peaches, mixed fruit. Fmly 1.

Phillips Ann, Spgvl, 70A 1½ mi S rented to Dowdell. Oats, wheat, rye, beets.

Phillips Geo Jr, Lehi, 5½A 2 mi S, rents 10A owned by Hyrum Webb. Red Top, beets, oats. Fmly 4.

Phillips Geo C, Lehi. 35A in city limits, homesteads 100A grazing land NW. Turkey Red, Calif Club wheat, barley, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 12.

Phillips Jacob, Spgvl, 50A 1½ mi SW. Wheat, alfalfa, hogs. Fmly 1.

Phillips J E, Provo RFD 2, Box 25, 9A 2 mi NE. Garden stuff, small fruits. Fmly 7.

Phillips Jonah T, Spgvl, 300A 15 mi E in Hobble creek. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 10.

Phillips Thomas. Am Fork, 1½A 1 mi NE. Hay, apples, cherries. Fmly 4.

Philpott L B, Veterinarian, Provo, 187 W 1 S, phone 408, 20A 1 mi N Spgvl. Beets, ducks, geese. Fmly 3.

Pickering G S, Payson, 15A 1½ mi W, rents 4A owned by J A Amos. Wheat, barley, alfalfa.

Pickering Wm, Payson, 1A in city limits. Potatoes, beans, corn. Fmly 2.

Pierce Andrew, Spgvl 160A 20 mi SE. Wheat, oats, potatoes. Fmly 6.

Pierce Elias, City Marshal PI Grove, PO Box 82, phone 62A, 1½A 1 mi SE. Variety apples. Fmly 3.

Pierce I R, Salem, 24A 1½ mi W. Beets, alfalfa, melons. Fmly 7.

Pierce I T, Payson. 15A 2 mi E. Beets, wheat, oats. Fmly 2.

Pierce Major, Provo RFD 2, Box 70, 10A 3 mi NE. Peaches, apples, small fruits. Fmly 9.

Pierce N P, PI Grove, PO Box 229, 8A 2 mi SE. Large and small fruits. Fmly 9.

Pierce Peery E, Provo RFD 2, Box 77, 6A 3 mi NE. Peaches, apples. Fmly 7.

Pierson Theo. Lehi, homestead 320A 6 mi N Cedar Fort. Wheat, White Plymouth Rock chickens. Fmly 4.

Pinehurst Dairy (John Johnson & Son Props), Provo RFD 2, phone 145-J-4. 120A 5 mi NW. Dairy products, alfalfa, beets, Jersey cattle, White Rock chickens.

Piper Geo Spgvl, 2½A 1 mi NE. Apples, peaches, garden truck. Fmly 3.

Poole W H, Am Fork, 17A 2 mi SE. Wheat, hay.

Porter A L, Spgvl, 9A 1½ mi SE. Oats, corn, carrots. Fmly 7.

Postgard Mrs. Mary, Payson, 15A 3½ mi NE. Beets.

Poulton Ralph, Provo. 137 R 5 W, phone 221, 20A 1½ mi W. Apples, beets, milk.

Poulson Bert, Am Fork, 4A 1 mi E. Alfalfa, Elberta peaches. Fmly 8.

Poulson M, Goshen, 35A 4 mi NW. Wheat, oats, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 7.

Poulsen Niels, PI Grove, 3A 1 blk W. Alfalfa, apples, Fmly 6.

Poulson O J, Provo RFD 1, Box 174, phone 514-R-3, 43A 4½ mi NW. Elberta peaches, Wine Sap and Rome Beauty apples, alfalfa, potatoes, beets. Fmly 4.

Powell Abe, Lehi, 5A in W Lehi, rents 20A owned by Henry Smith. Potatoes, wheat, beets, barley, red clover, Rhode Island Red chickens. Fmly 6.

Powell A H, Am Fork, 80A 5 mi N. Apples, peaches, wheat. Fmly 2.

Powell Jas A, Lehi, 23A 2 mi SW, rents 10A owned by Mrs. Jas Harwood. Silver Club wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa, beets, O I C and Duroc-Jersey hogs, Percheron horses. Fmly 8.

Powell Thad A, Lehi, 265A 1 mi E of Juab station. Turkey Red wheat, alfalfa, alfalfa seed, Red Top, potatoes, oats, barley rye. Fmly 6.

Powell Thad, Lehi, 87A in city limits. Grain, beets, horses, Durham cattle.

Powell T J. Lehi RFD 1, 10A 1½ mi S, rents 50A adj owned by Thaddeus Powell. Beets, Turkey Red wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa, hay, O I C hogs, Durham cattle. Fmly 2.

Powelson David S, Goshen, 120A 3 mi N. Wild hay, alfalfa, alfalfa seed. Fmly 6.

Powelson Geo, Provo 371 N 3 W, 10A 2½ mi NW. Potatoes, general farm products, strawberries, peaches, hay.

Powelson S, Goshen, 45A 2 mi N. Alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Preston Fred, Am Fork, 2A ½ mi W. Wheat, oats, Fmly 4.

Preston Jas W, Am Fork, 17A 2 mi N, 1½A 3 blks N, 2A 1 mi E, 15A 1½ mi SW. Beets, hay, wheat. Fmly 1.

Price P W, PI Grove, 12½A 3 mi SE. rents 12½A adj owned by Jos Ruff, Winter Quarters, Carbon Co. Jonathan apples, beets, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 10.

Price Wm V, Provo RFD 2, phone 505-J. 75A 3 mi SE, rents 45A. Beets, apples, hogs, poultry. Fmly 11.

Prior David. Sp Fork, 110A 1 mi SW, 340A 4 mi E Fairfield. Dryland wheat. Fmly 9.

Proctor Frank, Sp Fork, 1A ½ mi W. Garden truck. Fmly 8.

Proctor Robert, Am Fork, 45A 3 mi E. Barley, oats. Fmly 9.

Provostgaard Carl, Payson, 30A 2 mi N. Wild hay, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 2.

Provostgaard Lutetisha, Payson, 15A 2 mi NW. Wheat, hay. Fmly 2.

Pryor Andrew. Sp Fork, 54A 5 mi NE. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, beef cattle.

Pryor Geo, Sp Fork, 160A 1 mi NW. Wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa.

Pryor Henry, Sp Fork, 13A 1½ mi N. Beets.

Pugh G H, PI Grove, 1A 4 blks SE. Cherries, potatoes. Fmly 4.

Pulley A, Am Fork, 40A 1½ mi E. Alfalfa, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 7.

Pulley C W, Am Fork, 5A 1 mi E. Alfalfa.

Pulsipher Chas, Spgvl, 20A 4 mi SE. Wheat, plums. Fmly 4.

Pulsipher E C, Provo RFD 2, Box 82, 10A 3½ mi NE. Cherries, peaches, hay, vegetables. Fmly 6.

Pulver Eugene, Payson, phone 62, 2½A 1 blk S 3 bilks W. Apples, peaches, potatoes corn. Fmly 10.

Pyne Dr. H S, Provo, 279 N Acad Av, phone 275, 20A 4 mi N. Peaches, alfalfa, apples, grain. Fmly 4.

Pyne Ivan, Provo RFD 1, 5A 4½ mi, NW. Strawberries, raspberries. Fmly 6.

Pyne John T, Provo RFD 1, Box 210, 30A 5 mi NW. Peaches, apples, pears, prunes, berries. Fmly 12.

Utah County Gazetteer | Utah County


Source: Farmers and Merchants Directory, Utah County, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916. 



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