Utah County, Utah ~ Farmers & Merchants ~ Surname M

Abbreviations used in these pages

A - acres
mi - miles
Fmly - Family (number)
PO - Post Office
RFD - Rural Free Delivery
E - East
N - North
S - South
W - West
NE - Northeast
NW - Northwest
American Fork - Am Fork
Goshen - Goshen
Lehi - Lehi
Mapleton - Mapleton
Payson - Payson
Pl Grove - Pleasant Grove
Provo - Provo
Salem - Salem
Santaquin - Santaquin
Spanish Fork - Sp Fork
Spgvl - Springville


Maag Chas, Provo RFD 1, phone 146-R-5, 160A 8 mi NW. Dairy products, beets, pure bred Holstein cattle. Fmly 8.

Maag Conrad Jr, Provo, phone 154-J-3, 29A 7 mi NW. Beets, dairy products. Fmly 3.

Mack H P, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 1A, 21A 1 mi S. Beets, apples, potatoes, wheat, oats, horses, cattle, strawberries, plums, raspberries, butter. Fmly 2.

Mackley A J, Sp Fork, 20A 2 mi NE. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 9.

Mackley A J, Sp Fork, 30A 1 mi N. Beets, wheat. Fmly 11.

Madsen Alfred (Tailor), Provo, 95 S 9 W, rents 1A owned by Provo Pressed Brick Co. Garden truck. Fmly 10.

Madsen James, Provo, phone 166-R-2, 18A 3½ mi NW. Beets. Fmly 2.

Madsen J J, Provo RFD 1, 13A 8 mi NW. Beets, potatoes, wheat. Fmly 4.

Madsen J J, Provo RFD 1, Box 270, phone 145-J-5, 50A 6 mi NW. Beets, Belgian horses, milk. Fmly 5.

Madsen Peter, Provo RFD 1, Box 42. 50A 3½ mi NW. Beets, apples, raspberries. Fmly 5.

Madsen P W, Provo RFD 1. phone 544-J-4, 2A 3 mi NW. Alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Madson Mrs. Emma, Payson, 29A 3 mi SW. Wheat.

Makin Irving, Am Fork, 22A 2 mi E. Alfalfa, wheat, Elberta peaches. Fmly 3.

Malstrom Matilda, Spgvl, SA 4 mi SE. Alfalfa, grain.

Mann Evan, Provo RFD 2, Box 144, 11A 4½ mi NW, rents 6A owned by Otto Poulson, Provo Bench. Alfalfa, Elberta peaches, Jonathan apples. Fmly 4.

Mann Oscar, Provo RFD 1, Box 151, 4A 5 mi NW. Truck gardening, raspberries, strawberries, Elberta peaches. Fmly 2.

Mansfield Thomas, Payson, 35A 4½ ml NW. Wheat, hay. Fmly 8.

Manwaring John H, Spgvl, 20A in city limits. Alfalfa, corn.

Manwell J M, Payson, phone 160, 5A ½ mi N. Beets, wheat.

Manwill Ferrin D, Salem, 10A 1 mi E. Wheat. Fmly 3.

Manwill J M, Payson, phone 16-R, 5A 1 mi NW. Potatoes. Fmly 3.

Marble Lyman, Colton, land owner.

Marcusson Alvin, Sp Fork. 37A 2 mi S. Wheat, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Mark Soren, Provo RFD 1, Box 227, 20A 7 mi NW. Tomatoes. Fmly 12.

Markam J D, Sp Fork, 30A 2½ mi W. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Markam Steven, Sp Fork, 160A MS mi E. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 9.

Markham Geo R and Jos W, Sp Fork, 23A 1½ mi W, 14A 3 mi W, owned by Sarah N Markham. Beets, alfalfa.

Markham Ira, Sp Fork, phone 102-W, 40A 2 mi W. Wheat, barley, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 7.

Markham M M, Sp Fork, phone 1024-J, 50A 2 mi W. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 4.

Markham S D, Sp Fork, phone 102-R, 25A 1½ mi W. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 4.

Markham Sarah N, Sp Fork, 14A 2 mi W rented to Geo R and Jos W Markham. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 7.

Markham N P, Provo, 462 W 2 S, phone 83-J. 1A 6 blks SW. Fmly garden.

Marriot W H, Pl Grove, 7A 14 mi E. Fruit. Fmly 7.

Marriott O C, Provo RFD 2, Box 94, 2½A 4 mi NE. Strawberries, vegetables, peaches. Fmly 2.

Marrott Arthur, PI Grove, RFD 1, Box 58, 38A 3½ mi S. Hay, grain, potatoes, alfalfa, apples. Fmly 5.

Marrott C A, PI Grove, 5A ¾ mi S 3½A 1 mi SE, 2½A 1 mi E. Raspberries, apples, peaches, hay, grain. Fmly 3.

Marrott Lewis, Provo RFD 1, Box 19-B, 13A 2 mi W. Jonathan, White Pearman and Rome Beauty apples, onions, cabbage. Fmly 7.

Marrott L H, PI Grove, 20A 3½ mi S. Peaches, raspberries, hay, grain.

Marrott Wm A, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 58, 40A 3½ mi S. Alfalfa, grain. Fmly 5.

Marsh Thos. Spgvl, 15A 2½ mi SE. Peaches, tomatoes. Fmly 11.

Marshbanks Edwin J, Mapleton RFD 1, 50A 5½ mi SE Spgvl. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 3.

Marston Mrs. W J, Provo, 1A 4 mi NW on State road. Potatoes, sweet cherries, apricots, plums. Fmly 4.

Martell M J, Sp Fork, 50A 1 mi E. Alfalfa.

Martin Geo H, Payson, 160A 3½ mi SW. Wheat, alfalfa, beets.

Martin J, Thistle, 157A.

Martinson Arlington P, Payson RFD 1. 40A 2 mi SW. Beets, wheat, barley. Fmly 4.

Martinson M June, Payson RFD 1, 40A 2 mi SW. Beets, wheat, barley. Fmly 6.

Martinson Robt, Payson, 1½A ½ mi S. Potatoes. Fmly 4.

Martison Gottlieb, Sp Fork, 5A 1 mi S. Beets. Fmly 6.

Mason Fred W, Spgvl, 16A 1 mi SE. Alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 4.

Mason Geo A, estate, Spgvl, 12A ½ mi E. Beets, alfalfa

Masters Wm, Spgvl, 2A 3 N 2 E, 7A 1 mi W. Market garden, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Masters Wm M. Spgvl, Box 172, 2A in city limits. Poultry, eggs.

Mathews Harvey, Fairfield. 160A.

Mathews Walter, PI Grove, 7A ½ mi W. Hay, wheat. Fmly 4.

Matley Frank, Sp Fork, 12A 1 mi N. Alfalfa, cattle. Fmly 4.

Matley Frank Jr, Payson, 30A 3 mi N, rents 15A owned by Home Estate. Beets. Fmly 7.

Matley Fred, Sp Pork, phone 70-J, 30A 2½ mi NW, 30A 2½ mi W, 10A 2 mi W. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, cattle.

Matley J A, Benj, 31A 1 mi B. Alfalfa, oats, beets.

Matson Geo B, Spgvl, 25A 3½ mi SE. Mixed farming, alfalfa, grain.

Mattingson George, Payson, 2A in city limits. Vegetables, apples, poultry.

Maughon Emma, Am Fork, 40A 3 mi E Provo. Elberta peaches, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Maxfield Archie, PI Grove, P O Box 40, phone 44-J, 70A 2 mi S. Milk, beets, horses, Durham cows.

Maycock Julia, 12A 1 mi E, 25A 3 mi W, rented to John Dallin. Beets, oats.

Maycock J B, Provo RFD 2, 5A ½ mi NW Spgvl, 25A 6 mi N Provo, rents 320A 6 mi N, owned by C E Luce. Pasture, oats, wheat, fruit, pure bred Jerseys, Clydesdale, Shire and Percheron horses, potatoes, Rhode Island Red chickens, Pure Bred Jersey bull.

Mayer Harry J, Fairfield, 320A 8 mi SE. Dry land wheat. Fmly 1.

Mayers Saml, Payson, 5A 2 mi W. Wheat. Fmly 3.

Mayhew E T, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 77, 10A 2½ mi SE, rents 10A owned by Geo Thorne. Beets, alfalfa, raspberries, apples. Fmly 8.

Mayland J W, Sp Fork, 38A 5 mi W. Hay, grain, beets.

Mayne Geo L, Am Fork, 18A 1 mi E Alpine, rents 8A owned by John Mayne Est. General farming, wheat, oats. Fmly 5.

Meacham Geo E, Provo, 893 S 5 W, 1A 2 mi S. Garden truck. Fmly 5.

Mecham A, Provo RFD 1, Box 113, 7½A 4¼ mi NW. Peaches, apples, cherries, strawberries, raspberries. Fmly 5.

Mecham A L, Provo RFD 1, 10A 4½ mi N. Bartlett pears, sweet cherries, Jonathan, Winesap, Rome Beauty and Delaware Red apples.

Mecham A S, PI Grove, RFD 1, Box 24-B, 5A ½ mi S. Raspberries, strawberries, apples, peaches, cherries. Fmly 9.

Mecham Earl. Provo RFD 1, Box 123, 5A 4 mi N. Potatoes, White Dent corn, beans. Fmly 4.

Mecham Joshua, Provo, 1008 Center St, 2A 1 mi E. Truck farming. Fmly 2.

Mecham Wells O, Provo RFD 1, Box 114, 7½A 4½ mi NW. Apples, prunes, peaches. Fmly 6.

Meiling P C, Payson, 10A in city limits. Wheat.

Meldrum Mrs. A J Provo, 184 E 5 N, phone 63-M, 24A 1½ mi NE. General farming.

Meldrum Frank W, Provo, 184 E 5 N, phone 63-M, 21A in city limits, rents 24A 1½ mi E owned by Mrs. A J Meldrum. General farming. Berkshire and Chester White hogs.

Meldrum George Jr, Provo, 389 E 7 N, 25A 1 mi NE, rents 5A owned by A C Candland. Beets, peaches, apples, truck farming.

Meldrum James, Provo, 130A 3½ mi N. Beets, pears, dry land wheat, alfalfa, Jersey cattle. Fmly 3.

Meldrum Jas L, Provo RFD 2, Box 91, 180A Canyon Road. Dry land wheat, potatoes, alfalfa.

Meldrum Jos, Provo RFD 2, Box 38, 5A 1¼ mi N, rents 42A owned by A B Christensen. Fruit, hay, grain, potatoes.

Meldrum R D, Provo RFD 2, Box 86, 22A 3¼ mi NE, rents 10A owned by Mrs. Neil Brunyer. Mixed farming. Fmly 5.

Meldrum Mrs. Thos, Provo RFD 2, 20A 3½ mi N. Wheat, alfalfa, beets, Jersey cattle. Fmly 6.

Mendenhall B M, Spgvl, 320A 11 mi SW Lehi, homestead 160A. Alfalfa, Turkey Red wheat.

Mendenhall B W, Salt Lake City, 125 3 Ave, 160A 11 mi S Lehi. Wheat, alfalfa.

Mendenhall B W, Lehi, phone 219-F-6, 50A 10 m SW, homestead 270A. Wheat, alfalfa, oats barley, corn. Fmly 4.

Mendenhall E, Payson, 5A 1½ mi E. Wheat potatoes. Fmly 9.

Mendenhall Guy, Spgvl, 6A 2 mi SE, 5A ¾ mi W, Hay, beets.

Mendenhall John, Spgvl, 55A 3 mi SE Mapleton Wheat, alfalfa, beets.

Mendenhall J F, Spgvl, phone 85-J, 39A 2 mi SE. Alfalfa, hay.

Mendenhall R Lovell, Spgvl, phone 213-R-2, 60A 2½ mi SE, 120A 5 mi SE, 14A ½ mi W. Hay, wheat, oats, beef cattle.

Mendenhall S L, Spgvl, phone 53-W, 40A 1¾ mi SE, 5A 1 mi W. Wheat, beets, hay.

Mendenhall T D, Spgvl, 7A 2 mi SE. Hay.

Mendenhall T L, Spgvl, phone 55-J, 14A ½ mi E, 20A 2 mi SE, 16A ¾ mi SE. Hay, wheat, oats.

Mendenhall Wm, Provo RFD 2, phone 484-J, 4A 1 mi W. Strawberries, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 7.

Mendenhan B W, Lehi, homestead 160A 10 mi SW. Turkey Red wheat. Fmly 2.

Menlove Joseph, Payson, 2½A 1 mi SW. Garden truck. Fmly 2.

Menlove Walter, Sp Lake, 15A ½ mi N, 3A in city limits. Wheat, beets, hay, tomatoes, onions. Fmly 9.

Mercer J J, Am Fork, 12A ½ mi NW. Wheat, hay. Fmly 9.

Merrill A N, Provo, 279 N 4 E, phone 462-J, 5A 7 mi N, rents 5A adj owned by B Y University. General farming, fruit.

Merryweather F H, Provo, 1013 W Center St, phone 606-W, 9A ¾ mi SW. Truck garden, Barred Rock chickens. Fmly 5.

Messenger Mrs. M, Spgvl, 4A 1 mi SE. Alfalfa. Fmly 1.

Messersmith Ralph, Fairfield, land owner.

Meyers Geo T, Am Fork, 84A 4 mi N. Corn potatoes, general farming, apples. Fmly 6.

Miller A W, Am Fork, 7½A ½ mi SW. Beets, wheat. Fmly 4.

Miller C, Elberta, 30A 3 mi W Goshen. Elberta peaches. Fmly 3.

Miller C H. Provo. 74 N 10 W, phone 568-M, 3A ¾ mi NW. Potatoes, corn, carrots. Fmly 12.

Miller Clara K, Am Fork, 5A 1½ mi W, 4A 8 blks N. Beets. Fmly 4.

Miller Charles R, Am Fork, 6A ½ mi W Alfalfa.

Miller George, Provo RFD 1, rents 10A 7 mi N owned by Mrs. Sellald. Peaches. Fmly 9.

Miller George Colton, land owner.

Miller Henry, Am Fork, 14A 1 mi E, 10A 3 mi NE. Wheat, beets, potatoes, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Miller J, PI Grove, 18A ½ mi N. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 3.

Miller John, Spgvl, 12A 1 mi NE. Beets, wheat Fmly 3.

Miller Jos, Am Fork, 6A ½ mi W. Beets. Fmly 4.

Miller J B, Spgvl, 11A 1½ mi NW. Beets, potatoes.

Miller J F, Am Fork, 50A 1 mi SW. Beets, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 6.

Miller Jas B, Provo, 1000 W Center, 1½A 1 mi W. Cherries, peaches, apples. Fmly 2.

Miller J M, Colton, land owner.

Miller Louis, Sp Fork, 90A in Spgvl. Hay, grain.

Miller Louis E, Sp Fork, 50A 2 mi E, rents 35A owned by Francis Miller. Hereford cattle, beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats.

Miller Pete, Am Fork, phone 162-J, 7A ½ mi SW, 1A 1 blk NW. Wheat, potatoes, corn. Fmly 3.

Miller Theo, Am Fork, 1½A 5 blks SW, rents 15A owned by James Chipman. Wheat, oats, peaches, apples. Fmly G.

Miller W M, Am Fork, 24A 1½ mi N. Alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 11.

Miller F N, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 96, 32A 2 mi SE. Beets, grain, alfalfa, Jonathan apples. Fmly 12.

Millett Paul A, Provo RFD 1, Box 158, 11A 5 mi NW. Apples, Elberta peaches, strawberries, raspberries, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Mills Ed, Sp Fork. 26A 7 mi W. Beets, wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 4.

Mills Joseph S, PI Grove, P O Box 153, phone 59- J, 4A ½ mi SE. Variety large and small fruits. Fmly 4.

Mills Robert C, Sp Fork, 5A 2 mi E. Alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Milner F C, Sp Fork, 5A. Wheat.

Miner A L, Spgvl, 12A 1 mi S. Alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Miner Abner D, Spgvl, 55A in city limits. Beef cattle, White Leghorn chickens.

Miner D C, Spgvl RFD 1 and Holstein cows, wheat, oats.

Miner Floyd, Spgvl, phone 212-J-2, 30A 2 mi S. Durham and Holstein Cows, beef cattle, alfalfa, wheat, oats.

Miner Floyd, Spgvl, phone 212-J-2, 30A 2 mi SW. Alfalfa, pasture. Fmly 4.

Miner Geo, Provo RFD 1, Box 295, SA 5 mi NW, rents 18A adj owned by Bruneau-Hill Investment Co, Salt Lake City. Elberta peaches, alfalfa, Jonathan apples. Fmly 8.

Miner Lafe, Spgvl, 2A 1 mi S. Rhode Island Red chickens, beef cattle.

Miner M A, Spgvl, 40A 1 mi S. Alfalfa, wild hay. Fmly 4.

Miner M O, Provo, Phone 154-J-5, 28A 7 mi NW. Beets, dairy products. Fmly 8.

Miner Thorne, Spgvl, 8A 1 mi S, rents 15A owned by Sheridan Stewart. Dairying, beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Misener Sylvia, Am Fork, 16A 1 mi SE. Alfalfa, oats. Fmly 1.

Mitchell David, Am Fork, 48A 2 mi W. General farming, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 3.

Mitchell David A, Thistle, 400A.

Mitchell Jas A, Thistle, land owner.

Mitchell Robert, PI Grove, 3A ½ mi W. Wheat, Elberta peaches. Fmly 6.

Mitchell Robert, Thistle, land owner.

Mitchell Wm, Provo RFD 1, phone R-2, 11A, rents 3 acres owned by Ivin Burr. Elberta peaches, prunes, Jonathan and Winesap apples, raspberries. Fmly 6.

Monahan J A, Thistle, land owner.

Money A T, Sp Fork, phone 250-F-2, 40A 1 mi NW, rents 9 acres owned by John Thomas. Beets, hay, grain, horses, cattle.

Money R W, Sp Fork, 40A 2½ mi W. Beets.

Monk Chas, Sp Fork, 5A 4 mi NW. Wheat, oats, alfalfa.

Monk Emma, Sp Fork, 15A in city limits. Alfalfa, wheat.

Monk Enoch, Payson, 1A 7 blks SW. Corn, raspberries. Fmly 2.

Monk N W, Sp Fork, phone 50-W, 30A 3 mi NW, rents 40A owned by H Anges. Cattle, horses, hay, grain, beets.

Monk Wm J, Sp Fork, 40A 4 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets., Fmly 7.

Monson M, PI Grove, 180A 5 mi N. Grain, Elberta, peaches, currants. Fmly 10.

Monson Olof, PI Grove, 15A ½ mi S. Beets, Alfalfa. Fmly 10.

Montague B A, Salem, 60A 1½ mi E. Wheat, beets. Fmly 8.

Montague Lorrain & Geo B, Payson, 1½A 4 blks NE. Peaches, apples. Fmly 4.

Montague Luke, Payson, 2A 4 blks NW. Potatoes, beets. Fmly 8.

Moore A J, Mosida, 10A 12 mi NW Goshen, rents 80A owned by J Hobson. Alfalfa, wheat.

Moore Alva J, Payson, 17A 3 mi S. Wheat, hay, beets.

Moore Clarence L, Sp Lake, 12A 3 mi S Payson, rents 24A owned by Vina Moore. Beets, potatoes, wheat, White Leghorn chickens. Fmly 7.

Moore Hugh, Sp Fork, 14A 3 mi W. Wheat, oats.

Moore John, Thistle, 76A.

Moore Reed E, Payson (Sp Lake), rents 32A 3 mi SW owned by Mrs. Vina Moore. Wheat, beets, alfalfa.

Moore Samuel D, Payson, rents 5A owned by Monroe Manwell. Wheat, potatoes, beets, hogs.

Moore Vina, Payson, 106A 3 mi SW. Beets, wheat, oats, barley.

Moore Walter H, Sp Fork, 10A 6 mi SW. Turkey Red and Club wheat. Fmly 4.

Morby Charles, Provo, 21A 5 mi NW. Strawberries, raspberries, poultry, butter, apples, Elberta peaches. Fmly 3.

Morgan David, Sp Fork, 80A 3 mi W. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats.

Morgan E, Goshen, 20A 1 mi W. Beets, wheat. Fmly 6.

Morgan Elmer, Sp Fork, rents 40A 3 mi W owned by David Morgan. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats. Morgan Geo, Goshen, 20A % mi N. Wild hay, beets, wheat. Fmly 9.

Morgan J B. Goshen, 60A 2 mi N. Beets, wild hay, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Morgan J H, Provo RFD 2. Box 91, phone 514-J-3, 22A 2 mi NW. Hay, grain, potatoes, fruit, peaches, raspberries. Fmly 4.

Morgan John G, Sp Fork, 25A H mi SW. 35A 1 mi NW. Alfalfa, beets.

Morgan John T, Sp Fork, 7A 3 mi W. Alfalfa, beets, wheat.

Morgan Mrs. M A. Goshen, 160A 1½ mi W. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 2.

Morgan Ralph D, Sp Fork, 20A 1 mi W, rents 40A owned by David Morgan. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats.

Morgan Samuel, Goshen, 10A 1 mi W. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Morgan Thomas, Goshen, 200A 1 mi W. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Morrison E L, Provo, 337 N 4 W, 40A in Benjamin, homestead 40A. Beets, grain, alfalfa.

Morrison Geo, Provo, 337 N 4 W, 40A 1 mi W Benjamin, homestead 40 A. Pasture land, meadow hay. Fmly 5.

Morrison Roy, Thistle, land owner.

Mortell Wm C, Sp Fork, 30A 1 mi B. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 6.

Mortenson M G, Payson, 80A 2 mi SW. Wheat, hay, Duroc-Jersey hogs. Fmly 6.

Mortensen Martin, PI Grove, 8A 2 mi SE. Variety large and small fruits. Fmly 2.

Morton Allen, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 75, 45A 2 mi SE on State Road. Beets, raspberries, dewberries, strawberries, potatoes, alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Morton David, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 75, 5A 2 mi SE on State Road. Raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, alfalfa. Fmly 1.

Morton John, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 75, 5A 2 mi SE on State Road. Raspberries, dewberries, strawberries, tomatoes. Fmly 1.

Morton Jos, Spgvl RFD 1, 1½A 4 mi SE. Beets, truck garden.

Morton Robert, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 75, 5A 2 mi SE. Dewberries, raspberries, strawberries, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Mower C L, Sp Fork, 20A 1 mi E, rents 80A 3 mi NW owned by Niels Anthon. Wheat, oats, cattle.

Mower Orson H, Spgvl, phone 122, 6A 1 mi E. Small fruit, peaches, wheat, fresh vegetables. Fmly 2.

Mower Oscar M, Spgvl, 25A 1 mi N. Hay, wheat, beets, potatoes.

Moyal W J, Am Fork, 40A 1 mi N. Wheat, oats, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Moyle John, Am Fork, 20A 1½ mi S Alpine. General farming. Fmly 2.

Moyle John F, Am Fork, 20A 1 mi NE Alpine. General farming. Fmly 6.

Moyle Jos E, Am Fork, 25A 1 mi NE Alpine. General farming, wheat. Fmly 12.

Muhlestein Mrs. Annie C, Provo RFD 2, Box 15, 160A 3 mi NE. Cattle, hay, grain, wheat. Fmly 2.

Muhlestein Emil, Provo RFD 2, Box 24, 20A 2½ mi NE. Fruits, hay, grain, potatoes. Fmly 2.

Muhlestein John, Provo RFD 2, Box 15, 8A 2½ mi NE. Cattle, hay, apples, peaches. Fmly 9.

Muhlestein Mrs. Jos A, Provo RFD 2, Box 15, 7A 2½ mi NE. Cattle, hay, vegetables. Fmly 7.

Mulliner Brigham T, Lehi, 6A in SE Lehi, homestead 320A 14 mi W. Turkey Red wheat, mixed hay, Red Durham cattle. Fmly 4.

Munns Geo C, Spgvl, 5A in city limits. Vegetables, fruit.

Murdock Alice, Am Fork, 80A 8 mi NW, 1½ mi from Saratoga. Dry land wheat.

Murray Mrs. John, Spgvl, 23A 4 mi SE, rented to Mark Perry. Alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 5.

Muzzell H J, PI Grove, PO Box 222, phone 44-R-l, 67A 3 mi SW. Cream, beets, hay, grain. Fmly 4.

Muzzell J H, PI Grove, land owner, 2½ mi SW. Pasture. Fmly 2.

Myles J, Mosida, 900A 15 mi W of Goshen. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 5.

Utah County Gazetteer | Utah County


Source: Farmers and Merchants Directory, Utah County, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916. 



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