Utah County, Utah ~ Farmers & Merchants ~ Surname L

Abbreviations used in these pages

A - acres
mi - miles
Fmly - Family (number)
PO - Post Office
RFD - Rural Free Delivery
E - East
N - North
S - South
W - West
NE - Northeast
NW - Northwest
American Fork - Am Fork
Goshen - Goshen
Lehi - Lehi
Mapleton - Mapleton
Payson - Payson
Pl Grove - Pleasant Grove
Provo - Provo
Salem - Salem
Santaquin - Santaquin
Spanish Fork - Sp Fork
Spgvl - Springville


Ladd George C, Provo RFD .1, Box 185, 15A 7 mi NW, rents 10A owned by C M Medham. Apples, peaches. Fmly 4.

LaGrange F L, Am Fork, 30A in city limits. Elberta peaches, Jonathan apples, black cherries, alfalfa, wheat, barley, oats, strawberries, raspberries. Fmly 2.

Lamb J H, Salem, 1½A ½ mi N. Garden truck. Fmly 8.

Lambert Geo C, Salt Lake City, 120A 2 mi NE Alpine. Peaches, apples.

Lant John T, Payson, phone 61-M, 100A 2 mi SW. Beets, alfalfa, cattle and sheep feeding. Fmly 7.

Larsen Antrice, Am Fork. 90A 3 mi N. Elberta peaches, wheat, potatoes.

Larsen C P, PI Grove, 26A 1 mi N. Wheat, oats, beets. Fmly 6.

Larsen Danl, Provo RFD 1, Box 229, 185A 7 mi NW. Peaches, apples. Fmly 10.

Larsen Joseph, PI Grove, 20A 1 mi N. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Larsen Mary C, Spgvl, 40A 3 mi SE, rented to J S Larson. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 7.

Larsen N A, Am Fork, 87A 4 mi N. Wheat, oats, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Larsen N P, Sp Fork, 12A 3 mi E, 20A 1½ mi W. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats.

Larson A L, Spgvl RFD 1, 5A 1 mi N, 40A 4 mi SE. Beets, grain, hay.

Larson Alfred, Payson, 5A 1 mi W. Wheat. Fmly 2.

Larson August, Provo RFD 1, Box 178, 5A 7 mi NW. Strawberries. Fmly 5.

Larson C J, PI Grove, phone 54-J, 27A ¾ mi N. General farming.

Larson Geo W, PI Grove, 1A 6 blks SE. Potatoes, corn. Fmly 6.

Larson Hans, Sp Fork, 40A 2 mi NE. Alfalfa, beets.

Larson Henry, Am Fork, 35A 4 mi N. General farming. Fmly 2.

Larson Hyrum, Provo RFD 1, Box 232, 22½A 7 mi NW, rents 20A owned by Charles J Sandberg. Elberta peaches, apples, beets, hay. Fmly 6.

Larson James, Santaquin, 14A 1 mi NE. Hay, wheat, oats. Fmly 3.

Larson Joseph, Sp Fork, 15A ½ mi W, 5A ½ mi E, 9A 3 mi SW. Beef cattle, beets.

Larson J S, Spgvl, rents 40A 3 mi SE owned by Mary C Larsen. Alfalfa, wheat, beets.

Larson Leslie, Am Fork, 1A 2 blks N. Orchard grass, clover. Fmly 5.

Larson Marinus, Sp Fork, 13A ½ mi NW, 47A 3 mi NW, 5A 2½ mi NE. Beef cattle, wheat, oats.

Larson Ole, Thistle, land owner.

Larson P C, PI Grove, 2A 6 blks NE. Raspberries, peaches. Fmly 2.

Larson Mrs. Thomas, PI Grove. P O Box 61, 150A 1 mi SE. Alfalfa, wheat, large and small fruits. Fmly 6.

Latta J W, Provo RFD 1, Box 152, 5A 5 mi NW. Elberta peaches, pears, prunes, sweet cherries. Fmly 2.

Lauritson J H, Salem, 40A 3 mi S. Wild hay, oats. Fmly 2.

Law C O, Spgvl RFD 1, 34A 4½ mi SE, rents 5 A owned by Wm Smith, Spgvl. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, cattle, hogs, Black Java chickens.

Law Mark A, Spgvl, rents 20A 1 mi NE owned by John Whiting. Beets, livestock.

Law Ray E, Spgvl RFD 1, 28A 4½ mi SE. Hay, wheat, cattle, beets.

Lawhorn J W, Provo RFD 1, Box 219, 10A 6½ mi NW. Fruit, peaches. Fmly 8.

Lawson Martin, Provo, 660 E 3 N, 3½A ½ mi NE. Pasture, garden truck. Fmly 2.

Leavitt Chas, Provo RFD 2, 3A 2 mi SE. Raspberries, peaches. Fmly 4.

LeBaron Geo W & Sons, Santaquin, 644A 7 mi NW. Beef cattle, wheat.

Lee Arnold, Spgvl, 1A 3 mi SE. Peaches.

Lee Daniel K, Colton, land owner.

Lee Eunice, Payson, 1½A 1 mi SW. Garden truck, apples. Fmly 1.

Lee J A, Mapleton, Box 93, phone 216-J-2, 6A. Beets, alfalfa, Elberta peaches, Percheron horses, cattle, hogs.

Lee J H, Spgvl RFD 1, phone 214-J-l, 35A 3½ mi SE, 40A 4 mi N Thistle, rents 11A 3½ mi SE owned by Geo J Milne. Beets, mixed farming.

Lee T A, Am Fork, 1A 3 blks S. Potatoes, corn. Fmly 5.

Lee Theodore, Sp Fork, phone 134, 5A 3 mi S Spgvl. Peaches, bees, dairying.

Leek Samuel, Thistle, land owner.

Leethan H C, Provo, 288 S 5 W, 15A 2 mi W. Beets and potatoes.

Leonard Thos, Provo, 698 S 2 W. 10A 3 mi W, 6½A 1 mi S, 160A in Cedar Valley. Small fruit. Fmly 5.

Lervort F, Payson phone 3S-M, 113A 2½ mi S, 13A 2 mi E, 138A 2 mi NW. Wheat, beets, hay, oats. Fmly 8.

Lerwell Jas, Payson, 1A 1 mi SW. Garden truck. Fmly 3.

Lerwell Thos, Payson, 40A 1 mi W. Beets, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 6.

Lerwell Thos W, Payson, phone 16-J, 80A 6 mi SW. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Lewis D H, Tucker, 80A.

Lewis David T. Sp Fork, phone 95-J, 35A 1 mi SE. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 7.

Lewis E D, Goshen, 24A 1½ mi W. Beets, wheat. Fmly 4.

Lewis Fred, Sp Fork, 5A ¾ mi W, rented to Jesse Ludlow. Wheat, beets. Fmly 2.

Lewis Geo H, Sp Fork, 20A 1 mi E. Beets, alfalfa, Jonathan, Rome Beauty and Gano apples.

Lewis H E, Goshen, 25A ½ mi W, 30A 1½ mi N. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats. Fmly 4.

Lewis Henry, Lehi, phone 30, 50A 3 ml N, homestead 160A 3 ml S Fairfield. Turkey Red and Silver Club wheat, oats, barley, Duroc-Jersey hogs. Fmly 4.

Lewis John W, Sp Fork, 31A 2½ ml SE. Beets, wheat, alfalfa, potatoes. Fmly 5.

Lewis Louis, Am Fork, 84A 2 ml N Alpine. Apples, peaches, small fruit, strawberries, currants. Fmly 2.

Lewis Mary Jane, Sp Fork, 2½ A 2½ mi W. Alfalfa. Fmly 1.

Lewis Oran, Sp Fork, phone 22-W, 160A 3 ml SW. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 8.

Lewis B C, Goshen, 40A 1 mi W. Alfalfa, alfalfa seed. Fmly 5.

Lewis T J, Provo RFD 2, Box 58, 6A 2 mi N. Cattle, fruit, vegetables. Fmly 5.

Liddle P H, Am Fork, 19A 2½ mi NW, 2A in city limits. Wheat, oats, corn, White Leghorn chickens. Fmly 5.

Liechty A B, Provo, 10A 2½ mi NE. Hay, grain, potatoes. Fmly 9.

Liechty Ephraim, Provo, 45A 3½ mi NE. Hay, grain, cattle. Fmly 2.

Linslay C G, Thistle, land owner.

Litchfield Jean, Mosida, 40A 12 mi NW Goshen. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Litchfield Joseph, Goshen, 80A 15 mi NW. Wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 6.

Litchfield R C, Goshen, 30A 1 mi N. Alfalfa seed, beets, agent for Hitchcock & Hill. Fmly 2.

Little John Z, Am Fork, 20A 2½ mi S Alpine. Wheat, potatoes, alfalfa, general farming. Fmly 3.

Llewellyn Edward, Sp Fork, 40A 1½ mi E. Alfalfa, wheat.

Llewellyn John, Goshen, 3A in city limits. Wheat. Fmly 7.

Llewellyn R W, Spgvl, 4A 3 mi SE. Sheep. Fmly 10.

Lloyd J B, Provo, 896 N 5 W, 16A 1 mi N. Alfalfa,

Lloyd J B, Provo, 896 N 5 W, 16A 1 mi N. Alfalfa, clover, timothy. Fmly 3.

Loader Mrs. Mary, PI Grove, 13A 2 mi SE. Fruit, raspberries. Fmly 3.

Loader Nathaniel, PI Grove, 8A 2 mi SE. Large fruit, strawberries, raspberries. Fmly 3.

Loader Wm, PI Grove, 7A 2 mi SE. Raspberries, strawberries. Fmly 5.

Lofgren Annie, Santaquin, 13A 1 mi W. Wheat, oats, alfalfa, plums.

Lofgren Henry, Santaquin, 30A 3 mi W. Not cultivated.

Lombard James, Thistle, land owner.

Long J H, Provo RFD 2, Box 47, 5A 1½ mi N. Poultry, fruit. Fmly 5.

Long James, Provo RFD 2, 21A 3 mi NE. Hay, potatoes, grapes, peaches. Fmly 10.

Losee D A, Sp Fork, 2A 6½ mi W. Beets.

Losee David A, Lehi, 7A ½ mi SW, 2A ½ ml S. Beets, carrots, Pink Eye beans, Idaho Rural potatoes, alfalfa, Chester White hogs. Fmly 2.

Losee Davis, Lehi, 12A 1 mi SE. Beets, hay, potatoes. Fmly 2.

Losee John S, Sp Fork, 35A 2 mi SE. Beets. Fmly 9.

Losee Lyman P, Lehi, 20A in N Lehi, 2A in S Lehi, homestead 320A 8 mi W, rents 11A owned by Geo Smith. Turkey Red wheat, alfalfa, red top, beets, Duroc-Jersey hogs, Jersey cattle. Fmly 8.

Losee Lyman, Sp Fork, 124A 1¼ mi W in Lake-Shore. Wheat, beets, poultry.

Losser J R, Sp Fork, rents 50A 1½ mi NE owned by Geo Jarvis. Oats, barley.

Lott Benj C, Lehi RFD 1, phone 70-J-2, 25A 2 mi SW, 8A ½ mi S, rents 5A adj owned by Inez Hammer. Wheat, potatoes, alfalfa, Plymouth Rock chickens, Jersey and Durham cattle, Chester White hogs.

Lott Benj S, Lehi, phone 70J-1, 60A 1 mi S. Wheat, beets, alfalfa, red top, barley, Duroc-Jersey hogs, Plymouth Rock chickens, Durham cattle, Russet potatoes.

Lott Darrow R, Lehi, rents 65A 1½ mi S, owned by Benj Lott. Blue Stem wheat, oats, barley, red top, alfalfa, Duroc-Jersey hogs, Plymouth Rock chickens, Clydesdale horses. Fmly 7.

Lott I B, Provo RFD 2, Box 95. 23A 4½ mi NE. General farming, hay, grain. Fmly 2.

Lott LeRoy E, Lehi, phone 105-W, 12A 1 mi S, homestead 160A, rents 20A owned by Mrs. Abbie Ellingson. Wheat, oats, alfalfa. Duroc Jersey hogs, beets, Durham and Jersey cattle, Russet potatoes. Fmly 8.

Love Wm, Provo RFD 1, 22A 4 mi NW Peaches, apples, raspberries, strawberries prunes.

Loveless A A, Provo, 905 S 5 W, 5A 1 mi SW. Hay.

Loveless J A, Payson, 105A 1 mi N. Beets, wheat, garden truck. Fmly 7.

Loveless J A Jr, Provo RFD 1, Box 116, 30A 4½ mi NW. Peaches, apples, cherries, prunes, strawberries, raspberries. Fmly 6.

Loveless Jas A, Provo, 65A 4 mi N, 45A 1½ mi W Linden. Elberta peaches, strawberries, Ashwood prunes, Jonathan apples. Fmly 4.

Loveless John, Payson, 38A ½ mi E. Hay, grain.

Loveless Justin A. Payson, phone 80, 5A 1 mi N, 100A 4 mi SW. Wheat, hay, beets. Fmly 7.

Loveless Lee Payson. 20A 1 mi N Santaquin. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Loveless Martin E, Payson, 40A 3 mi W, rents ISA 1 mi N owned by Henry Nebeker. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, beets. Fmly 6.

Loveless Sarah J, Payson, 120A ½ mi NW. Alfalfa, barley, oats. Fmly 1.

Loveless Sarah J, Payson, 100A 2 mi W. Hay, grain.

Loveridge A A, Provo RFD 1, Box 196, 5A 6 mi N. Apples, peaches, strawberries. Fmly 4.

Loveridge A N, Provo RFD 1, Box 196, 32A 6 mi N. Fruit, peaches, grapes, apples, pears and beets. Fmly 3.

Loveridge Don, Provo RFD 1, Box 149, 5A 6 mi N. Strawberries. Fmly 3.

Loveridge Don, Lehi, 20A 2 mi SW. Blue Stem wheat, oats, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 2.

Loveridge Don C, Lehi, 23A in city limits. Mixed farming. Fmly 5

Loveridge J M. Provo, 447 E 3 S, phone 519, 4A 1 mi W. Fruit. Fmly 4.

Loveridge Wm T. Lehi, rents 15A 1½ mi N owned by Rachel Carson. Alfalfa, Turkey Red wheat. Fmly 6.

Lowe Wm N, Spgvl. 1A in city limits. Garden truck.

Loynd Jos, Spgvl, 9A 1 mi E. Wheat.

Lucas Jos, Sp Fork, phone 5-F-12, 27A 3½ mi SE. Alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Ludlow C E. Sp Fork RFD 1, 1A 6 mi SW. Garden truck. Fmly 5.

Ludlow Enoch Sr, Sp Fork, phone 7-F-11, 50A 4½ mi W. Beets, grain. Fmly 3.

Ludlow Enoch Jr, Sp Fork, phone 220 R-l, 17A 5 mi W. Beets, wheat. Fmly 3.

Ludlow Fred, Sp Fork, phone 142-J, 20A 4 mi W. Wheat. Fmly 3.

Ludlow Jesse, Sp Fork, phone 143-W, 34A 3 mi W, rents 5A owned by Fred Lewis. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 7.

Ludlow Nathaniel, Sp Fork, 43A 3 mi W, 8A 1½ mi E. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 7.

Ludlow Paul, Sp Fork, 80A 4 mi W. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 6.

Ludlow Thos E, Sp Fork, phone 7-F-4, 20A 4 mi W. Beets, market garden, wheat. Fmly 11.

Ludlow Walter, Sp Fork, phone 7-F-21, 5A 4 ml W. Beets. Fmly 11.

Ludlow Walter, Sp Fork, phone 7-F-21, 23A 6 mi SW. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 9.

Lunceford A C, Provo RFD 1, Box 311, rents 6A 4½ mi NW Provo owned by Geo Lunceford, Garfield. Apples, peaches, garden truck. Fmly 3.

Lunceford J N, Provo RFD 1, Box 138, 20A 5 mi NW. General farming, raspberries, strawberries. Fmly 11.

Lunceford John, Provo RFD 1, Box 69, 11A 3½ mi NW. Beets, Buff Orpington chickens. Fmly 11.

Lund J as, Provo RFD 2, 10A 1½ mi NW. Onions, hay, strawberries. Fmly 7.

Lund L W, PI Grove, 30A 2 mi N of Manila. Oats, potatoes.

Lund Louis P, PI Grove, 5A 1¾ mi SW. Hay.

Lund R H, PI Grove, 10A 1 mi N. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Lundberg N L, Provo, 968 W 10 S, 2A 1½ mi SW. Poultry. Fmly 3.

Lundell Carl A, Payson, 54A 3 mi N. Beets, Red Chaff wheat. Fmly 4.

Lundell Mrs. Charlotte, Sp Fork, 60A 7 mi W, rents 14A owned by Eliza Ann Hawkins. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 9.

Lundell E F, Payson, 25A 1 mi SW Benjamin. Beets, wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 4.

Lundholme Mrs. Gustave, Santaquin, 35A 1 mi N. Alfalfa, oats, wheat. Fmly 1.

Lundquist Carl, Payson, 11A 1 mi SW Benjamin. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Lundstrom Chas, Santaquin, 13A 1 mi N. Alfalfa, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 9.

Lundstrom Gust, Payson, 40A ¾ mi SW Benjamin. Beets, wheat, oats, alfalfa, dairying. Fmly 5.

Lynch E S, Am Fork, 3A in city limits. Apples, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Lyong Frank M, Thistle, land owner.

Utah County Gazetteer | Utah County


Source: Farmers and Merchants Directory, Utah County, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916. 



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