Utah County, Utah ~ Farmers & Merchants ~ Surname I - J

Abbreviations used in these pages

A - acres
mi - miles
Fmly - Family (number)
PO - Post Office
RFD - Rural Free Delivery
E - East
N - North
S - South
W - West
NE - Northeast
NW - Northwest
American Fork - Am Fork
Goshen - Goshen
Lehi - Lehi
Mapleton - Mapleton
Payson - Payson
Pl Grove - Pleasant Grove
Provo - Provo
Salem - Salem
Santaquin - Santaquin
Spanish Fork - Sp Fork
Spgvl - Springville


Ingersoll David, Am Fork, 15½A blks W. Wheat, hay, potatoes, corn,

Ingersoll David, Am Fork, 18A 1 mi W. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 1.

Ingram A J, Provo, 642 N Academy av, 12A 6 mi S. Horses and cattle. Fmly 7.

Isaac Benjamin, County Comnr, Sp Fork, phone 104-W1, 54A 2 mi SW. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Isaacson Isaac, Goshen. 60A 2 mi NE. Alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Ivers W C, Provo RFD 2, Box 60, 3A 3½ mi NE. Peaches, hay, potatoes. Fmly 9.

Ivie J C, Provo RFD 2, Box 107, 8A 3 mi SE. Hay, potatoes, corn.


Jacklin John, Am Fork. 1½A in city limits, 46A 2 mi NW. Beets, hay, wheat, oats. Fmly 7.

Jackman D W, Salem, 40A 2½ mi S. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Jackman Sarah, Sp Fork, 7A 2 mi S. Wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Jackman S M, Sp Fork, 50A 2½ mi S. Alfalfa. Fmly 1.

Jackson Arthur G. Mapleton, Box 59, 1A 3½ mi, homestead 137A 18 mi SE Spgvl. Wheat, oats, poultry. Fmly 2.

Jackson A G. Spgvl RFD 1. 138A 18 mi SE. homestead 137½A, Sp Fork Canyon. Wheat, oats.

Jacobson C A, Provo RFD 1, Box 174, 26A 5½ mi NW on State road. Elberta peaches, alfalfa, raspberries, strawberries, butter, poultry. Fmly 3.

Jacobson Peter, Santaquin. 4A in city limits. Hay, corn, potatoes. Fmly 2.

Jacobs Prime, Lehi, 20A ½ mi W. Beets, wheat, barley, Plymouth Rock chickens. Fmly 4.

Jacobsen Albert, Provo RFD 1, 6½A 1½ mi NW, 11½A 2½ mi NW, rents 6½a owned by Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. Beets, hay, potatoes, grain. Fmly 6.

Jacobsen Lars, Provo RFD 1, Box 35, 30A 3 mi NW. Beets, alfalfa, hay, wheat, carrots. Fmly 11.

Jacobsen Mrs. M, Provo RFD 1, Box 34, 20A 3 mi NW. Alfalfa, hay, beets.

Jacobsen P L, Provo RFD 1, 13A 2½ mi NW, 5A 1½ mi NW. Beets, hay, potatoes. Fmly 2.

Jacobsen Ephraim, Provo, 617 W S, 13A ½ mi SW, rents 7A owned by S P Ackerson. Beets, wheat. Fmly 9.

Jacobson J I, Provo RFD 2, 7A 1½ mi SW, rents 5A owned by Thos S Jones. Potatoes, beets, carrots, corn. Fmly 7.

Jacobson N A, Provo RFD 1, Box 174, 20A 5½ mi NW on State road. Alfalfa, Elberta peaches, dewberries. Fmly 5.

Jacobson Selma, Santaquin, 5A 2½ mi NW. Alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Jakeman J F, Provo RFD 2, Box 163, rents 2A owned by M Greer. General farm products.

James George, Provo RFD 2. Box 107, 16½A 3½ mi NE. Hay, grain, apples, small fruits, potatoes. Fmly 5.

James Julia, Am Fork, 14A 1 mi N. Wheat, oats, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

James Reese D, Sp Fork. 80A ½ mi W. Beef cattle, wheat, oats, barley.

Jameson Chas, Santaquin, 3A in city limits. Elberta peaches.

Jappmayer B, Provo RFD 1, Box 105-J, 8½A 4 mi NW. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. Fmly 6.

Jarvis Geo, Sp Fork, 160A 4 mi NW. Hay, oats.

Jarvis T H, Sp Fork, phone 126-W, 60A 3½ mi N, 40A 3 mi NW, 31A 1 mi NB. Apples, Alberta peaches, Winter Pearman, Jonathan and Greening apples, beef cattle.

Jarvis W J, Santaquin, 160A ½ mi S. Peaches, raspberries, potatoes, alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 4.

Jasperson Alice, Goshen, 3A in city limits. Meadow grass. Fmly 3.

Jasperson Alma, Goshen, 35A 2 mi NW. Wild hay, beets. Fmly 5.

Jasperson Mrs. James, Goshen, 30A 2½ mi NW, rents to Golden White. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Jasperson Stephen, Goshen, 30A 5 mi W. Alfalfa, wheat, cattle. Fmly 4.

Jasperson W A, Goshen, 125A 1 mi N. Wild hay, beets. Fmly 3.

Jasperson W A & J E, Goshen, 35A 1 mi N. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 4.

Jefferson Chris, Am Fork, rents 40A ½ mi S owned by John Jensen. Beets, oats, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions.

Jeffs, Oliver, Am Fork, 5A 3 mi E. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Jenkins Abe and Rosetta, Spgvl, 9A ½ mi NE. Alfalfa, apples.

Jenkins E, Goshen, 160A 1 mi E. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Jenkins James H, Provo, 32 W Center, phone 126-J-l, 5A 2½ mi NW, 40A 3 mi E Goshen. Peaches, dryland wheat. Fmly 6.

Jenkins Wm, Thistle, land owner.

Jense T, PI Grove, 2½A 3 blks NE. Raspberries. Fmly 5.

Jensen Ado, Goshen, 15A 2½ mi W. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 2.

Jensen Albert, Goshen, 15A 2½ mi W. Wheat, alfalfa.

Jensen Andrew, Goshen, 30A 3 mi NW. Beets. Fmly 7.

Jensen A W, Sp Fork, Box 633, 22A 1½ mi E. Beets, hay, grain.

Jensen C C, Goshen, 12A 2½ mi N. Beets, alfalfa seed, oats, wheat. Fmly 8.

Jensen Chas R, Goshen, 3 mi SW. Wheat. Fmly 5.

Jensen Chris, Provo, 20A 3 mi NW, rents 25A owned by Chas Cook, Thos Jones & Knudsen Bros. Beets, grazing. Fmly 8.

Jensen Chris, Spgvl RFD 1, 11A 3 mi SE. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 7.

Jensen Cyrus, Am Fork, 60A 4 mi N. General farming. Fmly 7.

Jensen E, PI Grove, 1½A 2 blks W. Raspberries. Fmly 1.

Jensen J C, Provo RFD 1, Box 300, 40A 4 mi NW. Alfalfa, peaches, apples, grapes, cherries, prunes, pears. Fmly 6.

Jensen John, Goshen, 6A 2 mi N. Alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Jensen Jos, Spgvl, 69A 4 mi SE. Hay, grain, beets.

Jensen Joseph, Goshen, 27A 3 mi NW. Beets, potatoes, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 7.

Jensen Peter, Provo RFD 2, 4A 1½ mi W, rents 14A 2 mi SW owned by L Hinckley. Beets. Fmly 8.

Jensen Peter, Spgvl RFD 1, 32A 3 mi SE. Hay, wheat, beets, livestock.

Jensen P G, Sp Fork RFD 2, phone 250-F-12, 15A 2 mi NW, 7A 1 mi NW. Grain, beets, hay.

Jensen W Hellen, PI Grove, 2A in city limits. Raspberries, apples, pears, peaches, cherries, prunes.

Jensen W P, PI Grove, 3A 4 blks N. Hay. Fmly 8.

Jensen James C, Sp Fork, 65A 2 mi NW. Alfalfa, beef cattle.

Jenson L, P, Spgvl, 45A 3 mi SE. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 5.

Jenson W, Elberta, 40A 3 mi W. Peaches, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Jepperson Danl, Provo RFD 1, Box 228, phone 127-J-3, 25A 7 mi NW, rents 25A owned by John Williamson. Tomatoes, peaches. Fmly 9.

Jepperson Saml H, Provo, 412 W 3 S, 23A 1½ mi SW. Beets, apples. Fmly 6.

Jepperson Samuel H, Provo, 412 W 3 S, phone 592-M, 20A 2 mi SW, homestead 160A Ind Res Duchesne Co. Beets, apples, grain. Fmly 5.

Jepperson Walter, Provo, 412 W 4 S, 2A 1½ mi SW. Hay.

Jex Borl C, Sp Fork, 13A ½ mi E, 20A 2 mi S. Alfalfa, wheat, potatoes.

Jex Mrs. Geo H, Sp Fork, 14A % mi E, 20A 2 mi SE. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 5.

Jex H C, PI Grove, lives in Salt Lake City, 300A 3½ mi SE PI Grove. General farming, fruit, cattle, grazing. Fmly 8.

Jex John W, Sp Fork, phone 78R, 17A 1 mi E, 15A 2½ mi SE, 12A ½, mi W. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Jex R H, Sp Fork, 347A 2 mi SE, 20A ½ mi E, 23A 1 mi S, 112A 8 mi E. Hay, grain, beets, cattle, potatoes.

Jobe H D, Provo RFD 1, 12A 2½ mi NW. Elberta peaches, apples. Fmly 8.

Jobe H D, Goshen, 24A ½ mi SW, rented to Eph Finch. Beets, wheat. Fmly 8.

Johanson B M, Payson, 40A 3 mi NW. Barley, wheat. Fmly 1.

Johns W R, Sp Fork, 20A 2½ mi E, 45A 2½ mi W. Beef cattle, beets.

Johns James E, Payson, 11A 1 mi E, 8A 1½ mi NW, 3A 1 mi N. Elberta peaches, apples, alfalfa

Johnson A, PI Grove, 20A ½ mi N. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 4.

Johnson Aaron, Spgvl, 2A 3 mi SE, homestead 160A near Thistle. Small fruits, peaches, wheat, grazing land. Fmly 4.

Johnson A B, Provo, 16 W 6 S, phone 313-M, 35A 2 mi SW. Beets, seed potatoes, onions, cauliflower, cattle. Fmly 10.

Johnson A H, Provo RFD 1, Box 61, 18A 5 mi NW, rents 5A owned by John Johnson. Beets, alfalfa, Jersey cows. Fmly 4.

Johnson Alma G, Sp Fork, 30A 4 mi W. Beets, Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 1.

Johnson Alma G, Sp Fork, 30A in city limits. Grain, beets.

Johnson Andrew A, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 25, 6A 1½ mi S. Beets. Fmly 6.

Johnson A O, Provo, 780 W 5 N, phone 227-M, 3A 1 mi NW. Fruit, potatoes, carrots, Rhode Island Red chickens. Fmly 5.

Johnson A P, Sp Fork, CA 1½ mi S, rents 20A 4 mi E owned by David Davis, 15A 4 mi E owned by E P Johnson. Alfalfa, beets, wheat.

Johnson A P, Spgvl RFD 1, 30A 4 mi SE. Beets, grain, alfalfa.

Johnson Anthon P, Spgvl, 28A 3 mi E. Alfalfa, oats, Calif Club wheat, beets, chickens, Durham cattle.

Johnson A W, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 11, 16A 2 mi SE on State Road. Alfalfa, strawberries. Fmly 4.

Johnson B T, Sp Fork, 12A in city limits. Alfalfa, beets.

Johnson Mrs. Caroline, Santaquin, 118A Vi mi S. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Johnson Mrs. C C, PI Grove, 6A 3½ mi S on State Road. Beets, Elberta peaches, Jonathan, Rome Beauty apples. Fmly 5.

Johnson C G, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 69, 60A 3 mi S. Dairy products, beets. Fmly 11.

Johnson Charles F, Lehi Junction, 21A 1 mi N. Wheat, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Johnson Charley, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 73, 30A 2½ mi SE. Potatoes, wheat, beets, alfalfa, apples, tomatoes. Fmly 4.

Johnson C L, Provo, 241 S 4 W, 21A 1 mi NW. Beets, hay, grain, vegetables. Fmly 7.

Johnson C L, Provo, 241 S 4 W, 32A 1 mi W. Beets, wheat, apples, small fruit. Fmly 4.

Johnson C W, Santaquin, 160A 1 mi S. Wheat, oats, barley, potatoes, beets, peaches, hogs. Fmly 4.

Johnson David, Provo, 516 S 3 W, 11A 2 mi NW. Alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Johnson E, Goshen. 200A 4 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets, cattle. Fmly 4.

Johnson E C, Provo, 337 N 7 W, 50A 4 mi W, rents 50A owned by Ellen Johnson. Hay, grain. Fmly 1.

Johnson Elmer, Mapleton, Box 62, 60A. Dryland wheat, alfalfa, oats. Fmly 5.

Johnson Frank, 15A 4 mi SE, homestead 320A near Thistle. Wheat, alfalfa, oats. Fmly 4.

Johnson Freda, Sp Fork, 1½A 1 mi W. Garden truck. Fmly 6.

Johnson Geo M, Sp Fork RFD 1, 1A 3 mi E, rents 5A owned by Jos Curtis. Beets, alfalfa, potatoes. Fmly 3.

Johnson H B, Sp Fork, 27A 1½ mi E. Wheat, beets.

Johnson H E, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 1, phone 49-R, 10A 1 mi S. Wheat, barley, potatoes, hay. Fmly 4.

Johnson Ira, Santaquin, 10A, homestead 160A in Goshen Valley. Wheat, oats, hay. Fmly 4.

Johnson Jas E, Spgvl, 11A 3 mi SE. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 4.

Johnson J Bayard, Spgvl, 13A. Alfalfa, beets, beets.

Johnson J C, Santaquin, 30A 1½ mi W, 13A 1 mi N, 7A in city limits, rents 18A owned by P N Anderson. Alfalfa, wheat, beets.

Johnson Jesse A, Payson, 7A ly, mi SW. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Johnson Jesse W, Provo, phone 481-J, 6A 1 mi E. Fruit, garden truck, hay.

Johnson J F. Provo, 490 N 1 E, homestead 320A 2% mi NW Mosida. Dry farming, wheat, rye.

Johnson J G, PI Grove, 2A 4 blks NE. Peaches, raspberries, plums. Fmly 3.

Johnson J Joseph, Provo, 805 NSW, 12A 1½ mi NW. Grazing. Fmly 8.

Johnson John, Sp Fork, phone 7-F-2, 50A 4½ mi SW. Beets, alfalfa, hay, grain.

Johnson Mrs. John, Sp Fork, 6A 5 mi W. Alfalfa.

Johnson John and Son. See Pinehurst Dairy.

Johnson John Sr. Sp Fork, 14A 5 mi W, 5A 4 mi SW. Beets, alfalfa, grain.

Johnson John Sr. Sp Fork, 14A 5 mi W. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 2.

Johnson John B, Thistle, 27A in city limits. 13A 1 mi E. Spanish Fork. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats.

Johnson John B, Sp Fork, 12A 3 mi E, 25A 1 mi E. Wheat, alfalfa, beets.

Johnson John C, Sp Fork, rents 50A 6 mi NW owned by Harry Coil. Oats, beets.

Johnson John K, Sp Fork, 46A 3 mi E. Alfalfa, wheat, dairy products, White Leghorn and Plymouth Rock chickens.

Johnson John V, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 69, 24 A 3% mi S, rents 6A 3 mi S owned by Mrs. A A Johnson. Beets, alfalfa, peaches, apples, strawberries, raspberries. Fmly 6.

Johnson J P. Provo RFD 1, Box 316, 23A 3½ mi NW. Strawberries, raspberries, apples, peaches, tomatoes, watermelons, beets. Fmly 7.

Johnson J S, PI Grove. P O Box 171, 43A 3 mi SW, 22A 3 mi W. Milk, beets, Durham cows, pasture land. Fmly 2.

Johnson Mrs. J T, Colton, land owner.

Johnson Mrs. Louisa, Spgvl RFD 1, 5A 3 mi SE. rents 1A owned by Wm P Fullmar. Garden truck. Fmly 2.

Johnson Mads, Provo, phone 166-J-2, 33A 3½ mi NW. Beets, raspberries, strawberries, Plymouth Rock chickens. Fmly 10.

Johnson Marinus, Sp Fork. 14A 1 mi E. Wheat, alfalfa.

Johnson Martha E. PI Grove, 6A 1½ mi SE. Alfalfa, potatoes, orchard. Fmly 3.

Johnson Mrs. Matilda, PI Grove. 5A 1 mi SE. Large and small fruits. Fmly 5.

Johnson N B. Provo RFD 2, phone 258-W, 13A 2 mi SW. Apples, pears, mixed farming. Fmly 6.

Johnson Niels, Provo, 485 E 4 S, phone 141-J, 29A 2 mi SE. Beets, grain, hay. Fmly 4.

Johnson Neils. Santaquin. 45A 2 mi N, 60A Goshen Valley, 5A 1 mi N. Wheat, oats, potatoes, corn. Fmly 8.

Johnson Orson, Sp Fork, 16A 1 mi S. Beets, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Johnson Parley, Sp Fork, 10A 2 mi SE, 52A 4½ mi NW. Wheat, oats, beets, alfalfa.

Johnson Parley H Jr, Sp Fork, 21A 2 mi SW, rents 21A owned by Geo Aigne. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats.

Johnson Peter B, Provo. 916 W 6 S. 23A 1½ mi SW. Beets and grain. Fmly 4.

Johnson P J, Am Fork, phone 74-J, 1A in city limits. White Leghorn chickens, eggs.

Johnson Robert. PI Grove, P O Box 171. 11A 2½ mi SW. Hay, pasture land.

Johnson Samuel E, Provo. 402 S 9 TV. 40A 1 mi SW. Strawberries, wheat. Fmly 3.

Johnson Thomas, Provo RFD 1, Box 44. phone 166-J-4. 5½A 4 mi NW. Alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Johnson Vern A, Payson, (Sp Lake) 2A 3 mi S. Beets. Fmly 5.

Johnson Victor, Provo RFD 2. Box 41, 2½A 1¼ mi N. Poultry, small fruits.

Johnson Victor C. PI Grove RFD 1. Box 60-C, 10A 3 mi S. Beets, tomatoes. Fmly 3.

Johnson Will C, Sp Fork, phone 2503, 25A 3 mi NW. Beets, hay, cattle, horses, hogs, grain.

Johnson W K Sr, Spgvl, phone 157-W, 60A 1 mi W. Wheat, oats, hay, beets.

Johnson Mrs. W K, Spgvl, phone 157- W, 16A 1 mi W. Hay, corn, oats.

Johnson Wm J, Sp Fork, 6A in city limits, 12A ¾ mi SE, rents 20A in city limits owned by John B Johnson. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats, Percheron and Belgian horses.

Johnson W K Jr, Spgvl, phone 145, 20A 1½ mi SW. Hay, grain, beets.

Jolley R G, Provo, 105 N 3 W, 15A 2½ mi N. General farm products, fruit. Fmly 1.

Jomar T L, PI Grove RFD 1, Box 56, 37A 3½ mi S. Hay, grain, raspberries, apples, milk. Fmly 5.

Jones Albert, Provo, 458 S 5 W, 30A 1½ mi SW. Beets, hay, grain.

Jones Alice P, Clinton, 160A.

Jones Alice M, Sp Fork, 20A 2½ mi W. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 12.

Jones Amasa, Payson, 20A 2½ mi NW. Wheat, hay, oats. Fmly 4.

Jones C A, Provo, 691 N 5 W, 7A 4 mi N. Grain, potatoes. Fmly 5.

Jones Charles, Salem, rents 16A ¼ mi N owned by Sarah A. Tiffany. Beets, wheat, alfalfa.

Jones Charles E. Provo, 681 N 5 W, 20A 3½ mi N. Alfalfa, peaches, apples, cherries, beets, potatoes. Fmly 6.

Jones C L, Provo RFD 2, Box 139, 5A 3½ mi N. Strawberries, raspberries, sweet cherries; dewberries, White Pearl potatoes.

Jones D A, Sp Fork, 10A 1 mi W. Beets.

Jones David H. Provo, 345 E 5 N, phone 234-J, 33A 3 mi NE. Wheat, oats, barley, potatoes. Fmly 10.

Jones Delias, Sp Fork, 40A 3½ mi W, rents 33A owned by Mrs. Alice Jones. Beef cattle, wheat, oats, barley.

Jones D W, Am Fork, 17A 1 mi S. Wheat, oats. Fmly 6.

Jones Bert E, Lehi, phone 219-F-2, 200A 8 mi SW, homestead 100A adj. Turkey Red wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Jones Ellen R, Provo, 1083 W 6 S, 4A 1 mi SW. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Jones F A, Tucker, 156A.

Jones Frank, Provo RFD 2, Box 168, rents 23A 2 mi NW owned by Stephen Jones. Apples, peaches, cherries, general farm products. Fmly 5.

Jones Geo, Sp Fork, 40A 3 mi NE, rents 12A owned by Wm McKell. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 3.

Jones Hyrum Sp Fork, 55A 3 mi SW, 10A ½ mi N. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, cattle. Fmly 5.

Jones Irvin, Provo RFD 2, 27A 3½ mi N. Hay, oats, wheat. Fmly 6.

Jones J E, Provo RFD 2, Box 153, 17A 3½ mi N. Elberta peaches, raspberries, dewberries, strawberries, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Jones J H, Lake Shore, 44A ¼ mi N. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Jones J O, Provo, 1083 W 6 S, 4A 1½ mi SW. Hay. Fmly 4.

Jones John E, Lehi RFD 1, Box 77, 18A in NW Lehi. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Jones J W, Am Fork, 30A ½ mi W. Wheat, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Jones L H, Elberta, 12A 2 mi S, rents 10A owned by Fred Bish, Fruita, Colorado. Apples, peaches, potatoes, wheat, oats, Soudan grass, corn. Fmly 5.

Jones Percy, Provo, 478 S 5 W, 2½ A 2 mi SW. Beets. Fmly 2.

Jones Phillip, Lehi, 40A 3 mi N, 10A 2 mi SW, 10A 1 mi E. Oats, barley, potatoes, alfalfa, grade cattle, beets. Fmly 10.

Jones S, Provo RFD 2, Box 168, 30A 2 mi NW. Fruit, general farm products. Fmly 3.

Jones Sam, Provo RFD 2, Box 6S, phone 968, 75A 3¼ mi NW, rents 25A owned by Sam Johnson. Beets, corn, Buff Orpington chickens, reg. Jersey cattle.

Jones Sarah A, Provo, 488 S 5 W, 4A 1½ mi W. Beets, grain.

Jones T B, Sp Fork, 70A 3 mi E, 40A 4 mi E, 16A 2 mi W. Wheat, beef cattle.

Jones Mrs. Thos H, Provo RFD 2, 9A 1 mi SW. Beets, potatoes, wheat. Fmly 4.

Jones Thos R, Lehi, 7A in NW Lehi. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 2.

Jones T R, Lehi RFD 1, 30A NW Lehi. Beets, alfalfa, Club wheat.

Jones T S, Provo, 57 N 10 W, 15A 1 mi NW. Beets, grain, hay. Fmly 8.

Jones W B, Sp Fork, 50A 1 mi NW. Alfalfa, beets, wheat. Fmly 7.

Jones Will, Elberta, 6A 2 mi S. Apples. Fmly 5.

Jones Wm N, Sp Fork RFD 2, 27A 4 mi W. Beets, grain, hay.

Jones Wm O, Sp Fork, 35A 2 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Jones W V, Sp Fork, 30A 7 mi W. Beets. Fmly 8.

Jones Z, Santaquin, 40A 1 mi S. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 3.

Jordan E N, Spgvl, 1A in city limits. Garden truck.

Jordan Fielding, Spgvl, 17A 3½ mi SE in three tracts, rents 10A owned by Ray Maycock. Mixed farming.

Jordan Frank R, Spgvl, 5A ¾ mi SE. Beets.

Jordan Wm W, Spgvl, 9A. General farming.

Jorgensen Alma, Provo RFD 2, phone 541-R-l, 25A 2 mi NW. Beets, stock, hay. Brown Leghorn chickens. Fmly 9.

Jorgensen C W, Salem, 40A 1 mi E. Beets, wheat. Fmly 6.

Utah County Gazetteer | Utah County


Source: Farmers and Merchants Directory, Utah County, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916. 



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