Utah County, Utah ~ Farmers & Merchants ~ Surname B

Abbreviations used in these pages

A - acres
mi - miles
Fmly - Family (number)
PO - Post Office
RFD - Rural Free Delivery
E - East
N - North
S - South
W - West
NE - Northeast
NW - Northwest
American Fork - Am Fork
Goshen - Goshen
Lehi - Lehi
Mapleton - Mapleton
Payson - Payson
Pl Grove - Pleasant Grove
Provo - Provo
Salem - Salem
Santaquin - Santaquin
Spanish Fork - Sp Fork
Spgvl - Springville


Babcock Geo D. Sp Fork, 75A 5 mi SE. Potatoes, wheat, oats, barley.

Babcock Harriett P, Sp Fork, 8A ½ mi SW. Beets. Fmly 2.

Babcock R, Provo, RFD 1, phone 145-R5, 60A 5 mi NW. Beets, dairy products. Fmly 5.

Backus Albert, Pl Grove RFD 1, Box 03, 18A 3 mi S. Peaches, raspberries, beets, Black Minorca chickens. Fmly 7.

Backus Albert, Pl Grove, 28A 3 mi S. Wheat, potatoes, beets. Fmly 5.

Backus George, Provo RFD 1, 3A 7 mi NW. Berries. Fmly 4.

Bacon T J, Pl Grove, 1A 1 mi W. Wheat, hay, Fmly 1.

Bahr Albert A, Lehi, 2A 4 mi NW. rents 20A owned by Francis Kirkham. Alfalfa, wheat, Idaho Rural potatoes, chickens. Fmly 4.

Bailey & Orr, Alberta, 97A ½ mi S. Apples, peaches, cherries. Fmly 2.

Bailey S S, Provo, 511 S 4 W, 40A 1½ mi SW. Beets, grain. Fmly 3.

Bair Joseph E, Am Fork RFD 1, 100A 1 mi E Alpine, rents 9A owned by Lizzie Hanson. Wheat, corn, potatoes, alfalfa. Fmly 10.

Baker Ausby, Am Fork, 1A, rents 23A owned by Sarah Chadwick. Wheat, oats .beets, alfalfa. Fmly 7.

Baker Geo T, Am Fork, 17A 3 mi NE. Wheat, oats, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Baker S T, Am Fork, 14A ½ mi NE. Beets, wheat. Fmly 4.

Ball Ed, Pl Grove, 2A 2 mi N. Beets, wheat. Fmly 5.

Ball Ed. Pl Grove, 2A 3 blks NE. Apples, peaches. Fmly 3.

Ball Edward, Pl Grove, 17A in city limits. Beets, grain, potatoes. Fmly 3.

Ball Geo J, Provo RFD 2, 2A 2 mi SE. Fruit, alfalfa.

Baldwin Mrs. Etta, SLC, 150 S 2 W, 10A 1 mi S Elberta. Apples. Fmly 1.

Ballard F M. Payson, 85A 2 mi SE. Beets, alfalfa, wheat.

Ballard J K, Tucker. Land owner.

Ballard J S, Payson, 160A 1½ mi E Tucker, homestead 160A. Alfalfa, beef cattle, hogs.

Ballard Melvin, Payson, phone 1232-R, 19A 1 mi E. Wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Balzly Rudolph, Benj, 30A 3½ mi N. Beets, potatoes, wheat, barley. Fmly 12.

Balzly Rudolph, Benj, 45A 1½ mi SE. Wheat, beets.

Bandley Christian, Provo, 439 E 5 N, phone 234-M, 6A 1½ mi E, rents 4A 2½ mi N owned by J. T. Thorp & Bros, SLC. Truck farming, peaches, apples. Fmly 3.

Banks Edward M, Sp Fork, 35A 4 mi S, rents 40A owned by John W Banks. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats.

Banks John D. Sp Fork, 17A 1¾ mi W. Beets, wheat, oats.

Banks J W, Sp Fork, 11A 1 mi W. Beets, alfalfa.

Banks Llewellyn O, Sp Fork RFD 1, 30A 4 mi W. Wheat, hay, beets. Fmly 5.

Banks Robert T, Sp Fork, 30A 2 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets.

Barker Alma, Spgvl, 320A 10 mi E in Hobble Creek. Timothy, alfalfa, threshing, saw mill.

Barker Jesse, Spgvl, 320A 10 mi E in Hobble Creek. Timothy, alfalfa, threshing, saw mill.

Barker John T, Spgvl, 320A 10 mi E in Hobble Creek. Timothy, alfalfa, threshing. Fmly 3.

Barlow E L, Spgvl RFD 1, 8A 2 mi SE. Beets, alfalfa.

Barnes Geo F, Lehi, phone 48-J-2, 39A in city limits, rents 50A 1 mi NW owned by H W Dalcher. Wheat, oats, corn, barley, Durham cattle, chickens. Fmly 7.

Barnes J S, Lehi, RFD 1. Box 140, 30A in NW Lehi. Alfalfa, beets, tomatoes. Fmly 3.

Barnett A O, Payson, phone 32-R-3, 1½A 3 mi S. Elberta peaches.

Barnett Braxton, Payson, 75A 3 mi S. Wheat, beets. Fmly 7.

Barnett F, Payson. 2A in city limits. Vegetables.

Barnett Joseph, Payson, 52A 7 mi W. Oats.

Barnett L S, Spgvl, ½ A in city limits. Garden truck.

Barnett Milton, Payson, RFD 1, 64A 3 mi SW. Beets, wheat, oats, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Barnett W W, Payson, 60A 3 mi S. Alfalfa, wheat, beets, potatoes.

Barney Edw, Spgvl, 11A 2 mi NE. Family garden, hay.

Barney E J, Sp Fork, 100A 4 mi NW. Beets, alfalfa, oats, wheat.

Barney Ephraim, Sp Fork RFD 1, 40A 5 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 9.

Barney Francis M, Sp Fork, 15A 5 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 9.

Barney J Erastus, Sp Fork, 50A 6 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 7.

Barrett Clifford, Am Fork RFD 1, Box 104, 15A 3½ mi NW. Blackberries, strawberries, hay, wheat, oats. Fmly 6.

Barrett H, Am Fork, 3A in city limits. Potatoes, corn.

Barrett Sam'l, Am Fork, 66A 4 mi NW. Peaches, pears, potatoes, barley.

Barrett Thomas, Am Fork, 75A. Peas. Fmly 3.

Barrett Thomas, Provo RFD 1, Box 102, 17A 3½ mi NW. Grain, hay, small fruits. Fmly 10.

Bartlett Wm H, Spgvl, 8A 1 mi E, 2A in city limits. Wheat.

Barton Geo W, Pl Grove. 22A 2 mi SE. Large and small fruits. Fmly 6.

Batchelor Eli L, Lehi, homestead 160A 8 mi W. Turkey Red wheat. Fmly 8.

Bate Joseph, Spgvl. 4A 1½ mi E. Alfalfa, peaches, apples. Fmly 4.

Bateman J A, Am Fork RFD 1, 30A 4 blks NE Alpine. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, corn. Fmly 3.

Bateman J T, Am Fork RFD 1, 20A ½ mi N, 40A ½ mi S Alpine. Alfalfa, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 6.

Bateman Sam'l S, Am Fork, 20A, rents 10A owned by Dr. Noyes. General farming, apples. Fmly 2.

Bateman W A, Am Fork RFD 1, 5A 1 mi S Alpine, rents 25A owned by J T Bateman, 25A owned by Dr. Noyes. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, corn. Fmly 3.

Bates Bert E, Am Fork, 12A ¼ mi NE Alpine. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 8.

Bates C H, Payson. 6A 2 mi E, rents 10A owned by J M Bates, 10A owned by C H Harper. Beets. Fmly 3.

Bates G F, Provo, RFD 1, Box 310, ISA 4½ mi NW. Peaches, White Leghorn chickens, strawberries, raspberries, apples, plums. Fmly 2.

Bates H T, Eureka, rents 1A 1 mi S Payson owned by Wm D Parker. Peaches, cherries, apricots.

Bates Leonard, Am Fork RFD 1 rents 30A 1 mi S Alpine owned by Mrs. R Y Nash. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, corn. Fmly 4.

Baum D W, Provo RFD 2, Box 164, 20A 2½ mi SE. Hay, grain.

Baum J A, Provo, RFD 2, Box 49, 10A 1¾ mi N. General farming. Fmly 8.

Baum Owen A, Provo, N end of 5 W, RFD 2, Box 180, phone 518-J, 2A at above address, 8½A in two tracts 2½ mi N. Grain, hay, blooded Jerseys, general farm products. Fmly 4.

Baum Wm, Provo RFD 1, Box 326, rents 18A 3 mi NW owned by Wm Gammon. Peaches. Fmly 6.

Baxter A, Thistle. Land owner.

Baxter Cornelius, Provo Bench, 10A 3 mi SE Pl Grove. Mixed farming, grain, beets.

Baxter David, Pl Grove, RFD 1, Box 65, 20A 3½ mi SE. Alfalfa, grain, apples, raspberries. Fmly 6.

Baxter J G, Goshen, 10A 1 mi W. Beets. Fmly 4.

Baxter John, Pl Grove, RFD 1, Box 59, 9½ A 3½ mi S. Potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, butter. Fmly 8.

Baxter W R, Goshen. 90A 1 mi W. Wheat, oats, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 6.

Baxter Wm, Am Fork, 5A 1 mi NW, 5A in city limits. Wheat, potatoes. Fmly 4.

Beaman Fred, Spgvl, 20A 7 mi E in Hobble Creek on Canyon road. Apples, peaches. Fmly 2.

Beaman Fred E, Spgvl, 22A 2 mi E. Apples, peaches, prunes, cherries, wheat. Fmly 2.

Bean L H, Provo, N 5 W, phone 518-M, 15A 2 mi E. Pasture land, alfalfa, oats, wheat. Fmly 9.

Beardall Frank, Spgvl, 5A ½ mi N. Garden truck.

Beardall Mrs. Geo, Spgvl, 10A in city limits rented to Jasper Beardall. Alfalfa.

Beardall Jasper, Spgvl, rents 10A in city limits owned by Mrs. Geo Beardall. Alfalfa.

Beardall John, Spgvl, 7A 1 mi E. Alfalfa.

Beardall Rhoda, Spgvl, 11½ A 3½ mi SE. Alfalfa. Fmly 9.

Beardall W H, Spgvl, 10A 1½ mi S. Beets.

Beardall W H, Spgvl, 20A ¾ mi SE. Wheat, beets, potatoes.

Beardall Wm H, Spgvl, RFD 1, Box 142, 20A in city limits. Peaches, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 7.

Bearnson Gisle J, Sp Fork, 32A 1 mi E, rents 20A owned by Peter Balgarson. Oats, wheat, alfalfa.

Beck A J, Sp Fork, 75A 6 mi NW. Beets, hay, grain.

Beck A R M, Sp Fork, 60A ½ mi SE. Wheat, oats, barley.

Beck Clayton, Sp Fork, phone 115, 20A ½ mi S. Beets.

Beck Henry, Am Fork RFD 1, 95A 1 mi SE Alpine. Wheat, corn, alfalfa, oats. Fmly 7.

Beck Isaac, Sp Fork, phone 106-M, 40A 3 mi W. Alfalfa, hay, oats, beets.

Beck James Clayton, Sp Fork, phone 11-J-l, 100A ½ mi S. Barley, beets, wheat. Fmly 8.

Beck John F, Sp Fork, 160A ½ mi S. Beets, wheat, barley. Fmly 4.

Beck J S, Am Fork, 240A 4 mi N. General farming, dairying. Fmly 3.

Beck Julius C, Am Fork, 30A 1 mi E, 20A 1 mi W Alpine. General farming. Fmly 7.

Beck Margaret R, Sp Fork, 5A ½ mi S. Beets. Fmly 1.

Beck Milton, Sp Fork, 26A 2 mi W. Beef cattle.

Beck Nephi, Sp Fork, 14A 1 mi S. Beets. Fmly 5.

Beckstead Del, Sp Fork, 5A 1 mi S, rents 5A owned by Dr. J H Higan. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 4.

Beckstead H W, Sp Fork, 5A 1 mi S. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Beckstead Moses Jr. Sp Fork, 3A 1 mi S. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Beckstead Moses Sr, Sp Fork, 8A 1 mi S. Turkeys, chickens, molasses. Fmly 3.

Beckstrom Arch, Sp Fork, 42A ½ mi NW Benjamin. Hay, oats, beets.

Beckstrom James, Sp Fork, 60A 2 mi NW Benjamin. Beets, wheat.

Beckstrom J N, Sp Fork, 35A ½ mi E. Wheat, alfalfa, beets.

Beckstrom Wm C, Sp Fork, phone 93-W, 35A 2 mi E. Alfalfa, wheat.

Beckstrom Wm O, Sp Fork, 61A 6 mi W. Wheat, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Beddoes Edward L, Salem, 3A 1 mi N, rents 10A owned by Jos Curtis. Beets. Fmly 3.

Beddoes Edw M, Salem, 1½ A 1 mi N. Beets. Fmly 7.

Beddoes John, Salem, 20A 1½ mi S. Alfalfa, dry farming. Fmly 5.

Beddoes Willis T, Salem, 20A 1 mi S. Wheat, beets. Fmly 5.

Beer A H, Sp Fork RFD 2, 32A 6 mi NW. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 7.

Beer Wm E, Sp Fork, 5A 6 mi W. Hay, grain, beets.

Beery David A Jr, Cedar Fort, 40A, rents 10A owned by Berry Lysander. General farming, dryland wheat, oats. Fmly 3.

Beery W H, Provo RFD 2. Box 32, 10A 2½ mi NE. Fruits, poultry. Fmly 4.

Beesley P H, Provo, 407 W 1 S, 3½ A ½ mi S. Garden truck. Fmly 6.

Beesley Thomas, Provo, 191 S 7 E, 5A in city limits. Potatoes, hay, fruit, truck gardening. Fmly 3.

Beesley W O, Provo, 406 WIS, 70A 2 mi SW. Fruit.

Belcher Clarence, Sp Lake, 65A 3 mi S. Elberta peaches, pasture land. Fmly 4.

Bell John W, Sp Fork, PO Box 44, phone 3S-J, 55A 1½ mi NE. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Bell Richard, Provo RFD 1, Box 215, 14A 6 mi NW. Apples, hay. Fmly 1.

Bellows C H, Sp Fork, 123A 5½ mi W, rents 20A owned by Mrs. Bellows. Hay, grain, beets.

Bennett David W, Am Fork RFD 1, 150A 1½ mi N Alpine. Alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 3.

Bennett Margaret, Cedar Fort. Land Owner.

Bennett Robert N, Am Fork, 200A 1 mi N Alpine. Apples, peaches, general farming. Fmly 7.

Bennett Sam'l, Payson RFD 1, 28A 3 mi SW. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Bennett William. Santaquin, 30A 3 mi NE. Wheat, oats, hay. Fmly 11.

Bergot F B, Provo RFD 1. 3A 1 mi W, rents 10A 1½ mi NW owned by John Lewis. Beets, cabbage, hay. Fmly 3.

Berry David, Cedar Fort. Land owner.

Berry Lysander, Cedar Fort, 80A 1 mi E. Dryland wheat, general farming. Fmly 5.

Bertin Mrs. Margaret, Provo, General Delivery, phone 533-M, 6A 1½ mi NE. Grapes, hay, grain. Fmly 10.

Bessan Rosa, Payson, 7A 1 mi S. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Bethers Francis M. Provo RFD 1, 12A 5 mi NW. Flesh colored potatoes, wild hay. Fmly 6.

Bettess Steven, Santaquin, 10A. Wheat.

Betz Arthur, Elberta, Mgr. Intermountain Loan & Trust Co. Wheat, alfalfa, apples, grapes, peaches. Fmly 4.

Beveridge John, Lehi, 15A 1 mi N, homestead 320A 5 mi W. Turkey Red wheat. Fmly 1.

Bezzant Mark, Pl Grove, PO Box 152, 34A ½ mi SE. Beets, grain, potatoes, alfalfa, raspberries, strawberries. Fmly 6.

Bezzant Samuel, Pl Grove, PO Box 37, 21A 2¼ mi S. Beets, apples, peaches, raspberries, strawberries. Fmly 9.

Bigelow E A, Provo RFD 2, 5A 2½ mi SE. Beets.

Bjarnason Gish E, Sp Fork, 40A 3 mi NW. Alfalfa.

Bjarnason Theo, Spgvl RFD 1, 5A 1 mi SE. Alfalfa.

Bjork Wm, Pl Grove, 17A 3½ mi S on State road. Wheat, potatoes, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Billian George, Mosida, 120A. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 6.

Billings George P, Provo, 441 S 5 E, phone 135-R. 80A 43 mi SW. Grains. Fmly 4.

Bills Edward, Payson, 40A 3 mi SE, rents 20A owned by Andrew Thurstrop. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 4.

Bills J S. Payson, 40A 2 mi SW. 30A 1 mi SW. Alfalfa, beets, oats, wheat. Fmly 5.

Bills Robert L, Payson, 25A 5 mi SW. Hay, wheat. Fmly 3.

Bills William, Payson, 30A 4 mi NW. Beets, wheat. Fmly 6.

Binch Henry, Am Fork. 18A in city limits. Beets, wheat. Fmly 5.

Bingham A, Payson, 25A 3 mi SW. Wheat. Fmly 7.

Bingham Alpheus M, Sp Fork. 4A 1 mi SE, 12A 2 mi NW. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Bingham Chas, Sp Fork, 15A 4 mi W. Beets. Fmly 4.

Bingham J H, Sp Fork, 20A 1½ mi NW Benjamin. Beets.

Bingham John H. Sp Fork RFD 1. 22A 6 mi W. Beets, wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 5.

Bingham Monroe. Sp Fork RFD 1, 11A 5 mi W. Wheat, beets. Fmly 4.

Bingham Ruth, Sp Fork, 17A ¼ mi N. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 3.

Bingham Thayne, Sp Fork, 16A 1¾ mi SW. Beets, grain.

Bingham Virginia, Sp Fork RFD 1, 10A 6 mi W. Beets. Fmly 3.

Binks Thomas, Spgvl, 33A 1 mi W. Oats, beets. Fmly 4.

Binks Wm J. Spgvl, 32A 3 mi SE. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Binns Thomas, Am Fork, 1A ½ mi NE, rents 50A 5 mi N owned by Alice Moore. Wheat, oats, potatoes. Fmly 7.

Bird A C, Spgvl, 44A 4 mi SE. Hay, grain.

Bird Adelaide, Spgvl, 7A 1 mi E rented to J C Simpkins. Prunes.

Bird Amasa C, Spgvl, 20A 4 mi SE, 20A 3 mi SE. Wheat, peaches. Fmly 7.

Bird C M, Spgvl RFD 1, 100A 4 mi SE, 300A ½ mi E. Hay, grain, beets, grazing.

Bird D W, Spgvl, 25A ½ mi W, 10A 1½ mi W. Hay, wheat. Fmly 5.

Bird Elmer W, Spgvl, 15A 3 mi SE. Wheat, beets. Fmly 3.

Bird J O, Spgvl, 75A 2 mi E. Beets, alfalfa, range cattle. Fmly 6.

Bird John O, Spgvl, 70A 1 mi W. Hay, grain, beets, cattle.

Bird M W, Spgvl, 4A 3 mi SE. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 8.

Bird R D, Spgvl RFD 1, 55A 4 mi SE. Wheat, hay beets.

Bird R G, Spgvl RFD 1, 40A 5 mi SE, rents 30A owned by Bird estate. Wheat, beets, hay.

Bird Richard L, Spgvl RFD 1, 40A 4 mi SE, rents 35A owned by Mrs. R D Bird. Wheat, hay,

Bird S W, Spgvl RFD 1, 54A 4 mi SE. Hay, grain, beets.

Bird Virgil, Reed and Wm, Spgvl, 30A 2 mi NE. Hay, cattle.

Bird V R, Spgvl RFD 1, 21A 4 mi SE, rents 44A owned by A C Bird. Hay, grain, beets.

Bird W A, Spgvl, 7A in, two tracts, rents 10A in Mapleton owned by Swenson. Alfalfa.

Bird Wallace, Spgvl, 3A in city limits, 20A in Mapleton. Alfalfa, peaches.

Bird Walter F, Spgvl, 10A 2 mi E. Beets. Fmly 8.

Bird W F, Spgvl, 15A in city limits. Beets, apples, cherries.

Bishop W, Provo RFD 1, 10A 7 mi N. Fruit. Fmly 5.

Bishop Willard, Provo, 20A 6 mi NE on State road. Alfalfa, Elberta peaches. Fmly 6.

Bissell John A, Spgvl, 18A 1½ mi NW. Alfalfa, cattle, beets, wheat. Fmly 7.

Bivans Joseph, Elberta, 30A 4 mi S. Apples, Elberta peaches, cherries. Fmly 2.

Blackett F H, Spgvl, 30A 21 mi SE in Wanrose. Durham cattle, alfalfa, wheat, potatoes. Fmly 7.

Blackett R V, Spgvl, homestead 160A 8 mi SE, rents 5A 1 mi E owned by Jos Bates, 2A in city limits owned by Orem El R R. Tomatoes, alfalfa

Blackhurst R G, Pl Grove, 65A 1 mi S. Beets, grain, hay. Fmly 4.

Blackhurst J G, Heyburn, Idaho, 40A 1 mi SE Pl Grove. Beets, potatoes, hay. Fmly 7.

Blackhurst L, G, Pl Grove, 65A 1 mi SE. Beets, grain, potatoes, clover, cattle. Fmly 6.

Blake Benj., Pl Grove, 11A 7 blks NW. Hay. Fmly 8.

Blake James T, Provo RFD 1, phone 145-J-3, 60A 5 mi NW. Beets, dairy products, Rhode Island Red chickens. Fmly 3.

Blake Samuel H, Provo RFD 1, Box 62, phone 145-R-l, 59A 5 mi NW. Beets, apples, cherries, milk, cream, grade Holstein cattle. Fmly 4.

Blanchard John W, Spgvl, 4A 1 mi E, rents 6A 2 mi W, 11A Mapleton owned by Blanchard estate. Beets, oats, hay.

Blenkey M II. Payson, 2A in city limits. Raspberries, strawberries.

Bilxt O J, Santaquin, 3A in city limits. Alfalfa.

Bilxt Peter O, Santaquin, 15A ½ mi NE. Alfalfa, wheat.

Blohn B T, .Santaquin. 40A in Goshen Valley. Wheat. Fmly 4.

Blused J. Elberta. 30A 3 mi W Goshen. Elberta peaches, wheat. Fmly 6.

Boardman Alvin, Provo RFD 1. Box 19, 5A 2 mi W, rents 18A owned by W D Rawson. Rhode Island Greening, Gano and Ben Davis apples, pure bred Brown Leghorn chickens. Fmly 7.

Boardman Robert, Provo, 526 S 3 E, 11A 1 mi SE, homestead 40A. Fruit, hay.

Boardman Thomas. Provo RFD 2, 4,000A 4 mi SE. Lime and pasture.

Boardner C E, Thistle. Land owner.

Boddison Geo, Am Fork, 12½A 2 mi SE Alpine. Corn, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Boel C P, Spgvl, 5A 3 mi SE. Wheat, alfalfa.

Boley David, Am Fork, phone 145-J, 14A 6 blks S, 6A 1½ mi SE. Potatoes, corn, wild hay. Fmly 7.

Boley Joseph, Am Fork, 85A 1½ mi S. Beets.

Boley Joseph, Am Fork. 45A 1½ mi S. Beets, potatoes.

Bona Ellas J, Sp Fork, 45A 2 mi SE Benjamin. Alfalfa, beets.

Bona David J, Sp. Fork, 40A 4 mi SW. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Bona Thomas, Sp Fork, 35A 4 mi SW. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 5.

Bone Brothers, Lehi, 320A 4 mi NW Lehi. 160A 5 mi N Cedar Fort. 100A 2 mi SW Lehi Meadows. 1,960A 8 mi N Cedar Fort. Grazing land, Hereford cattle, Belgian horses, Berkshire pigs, Turkey Red wheat, blue barley, Silvermine oats. Fmly 3 and Fmly 5.

Bone A H, (See Bone Bros).

Bone J E. (See Bone Bros).

Bonnett C J, Provo, 763 N 3 E, 12 A 1 mi N. Wheat, potatoes, corn. Fmly 8.

Bonnett D J, Provo RFD 2. Box 39, 2A 1½ mi NE. Alfalfa, grain. Fmly 6.

Bonnett James, Provo, 782 N 2 E, 12½A 2 mi N. General farming. Wheat.

Booth Robert Ebenezer, Lehi RFD 1, 160A 3 mi E. Dryland wheat, dairy products. Fmly 7.

Boren C A, Provo RFD 1, Box 324, 10A 2½ mi NW. Vegetables. Fmly 5.

Borrell J H. Provo, 319 E 1 N, phone 538-W, 6A 5 mi N. Truck gardening, peaches, apples, pears, cherries. Fmly 5.

Boulter A L, Pl Grove, 1A 3 blks W. Raspberries, peaches, apples, plums. Fmly 4.

Boulter John. Pl Grove, 1½A ½ mi W. Hay, apples. Fmly 4.

Boulter W A, Pl Grove, RFD 1, Box 26-A, phone 41, 1½A 1½ mi S. Beef cattle, all kinds of meats. Fmly 10.

Bounous Levi. Provo RFD 2, Box 81, 9½A 3½ mi NE. Peaches, cherries, grapes, raspberries. Fmly 6.

Bourne Alma, Am Fork, 25A 2 mi NE. Beef cattle. Fmly 7.

Bowen B H, Payson, 20A 4 mi W. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Bowen David C. estate, Sp Fork, 75A ½ mi NE. Alfalfa, wild hay, wheat, beets. Fmly 7.

Bowen Mrs. D C. Sp Fork, 102A 1 mi E. Beets, alfalfa, wheat.

Bowen Ellas L, Sp Fork, 65A 1½ mi W. Wheat, beets.

Bowen Mrs. Harrietta A, Sp Fork, 78A 2 mi N. Beef cattle, oats.

Bowen J E, Sp Fork, 202A 1½ mi W, homestead 120A. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats, barley.

Bowen Mary A, Sp Fork, 11A 2 mi E. Alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Bowen Melvin, Colton. Land owner.

Bowen William, Payson, 13A 3 mi NW. Wheat.

Bowen W J, Sp Fork, phone 55-W, 35A S, 65A N, 2A in town. Hay, grain, beets, cattle, horses.

Bower B H, Provo, 285 W 1 S, phone 545, 10½A 1 mi NW, 5A ½ mi SW. Nursery stock, hay, Holland rose trees. Fmly 4.

Bowers Alfred, Sp Fork RFD 2, 15A 6 mi NW, rents 25A owned by H K Bowers. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Bowers Ephraim, Sp Fork RFD 2, 5A 1 mi W, 25A 6 mi NW. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 1.

Bowers Hezekiah, Thistle, 25A.

Bowers James, Sp Fork RFD 2, 90A 7½ mi NW, 35A 6 mi NW. Wild hay, alfalfa, wheat, oats, barley. Fmly 2.

Bowers Mrs. S, Sp Fork, 5A ½ mi W. Hay.

Bowley Joseph, Am Fork, 7A 1 mi S. Beets. Fmly 5.

Boxwell Robt, Goshen, 60A 3 mi SW. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, apples. Fmly 5.

Boyack David D, Sp Fork. 18A 4 mi SE, rents 26A owned by Rachel M Brimhall. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats, barley.

Boyack Joseph J, Sp Fork, 30A 1½ mi N. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 6.

Boyack P J, Sp Fork, 5A 1 mi NW. Alfalfa. Fmly 7.

Boyack R B, Sp Fork, 25A 2 mi NW. Alfalfa, beets, wheat, oats.

Boyce Peter, Provo, RFD 2, Box 102, phone 193-R-3, 90A 3 mi N. Hay, grain, cattle.

Boyd Geo, Am Fork, 3A ½ mi N. Alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Boyd George A, Tucker, 80A.

Boyer E M, Spgvl, 20A 2 mi N, rented to W A Boyer. Wild oats, alfalfa.

Boyer J S Jr, Spgvl, phone 118-J, 5A in city limits, 20A SW, 10A ½ mi W, rents 15A owned by Polly Kirtman. Raspberries, strawberries, beets, celery, dairy products. Fmly 8.

Boyer M A, Spgvl, 40A 1½ mi SE. Grain, beets, vegetables, hay.

Boyer W A, Spgvl, 22A 1 mi N. Hay, grain, wheat, peaches.

Boyer W A, Spgvl, rents 20A 2 mi N owned by E M Boyer. Wild oats, alfalfa.

Boyle E, Payson, 2A in city limits. Hay.

Boyle John T, Payson, 70A 4 mi NW. Hat, peaches, wheat, beets, oats. Fmly 7.

Bradford A C, Sp Fork, 40A 1½ mi E. Hay, beets.

Bradford G, Sp Fork, 20A 1½ mi E. Hay, beets.

Bradford George, Sp Fork. 30A 1½ mi NW Benjamin. Wheat, beets.

Bradford Pleasant, Spgvl, phone 3-M, 37A 1 mi S. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, oats, cattle. Fmly 8.

Bradford Robt J, Sp Fork, phone 3-J, 20A 3 mi SE Spgvl, rents 15A owned by Sylvester Bradford. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 8.

Bradford R S, Sp Fork, 45A 2 mi E. Beets, hay, grain, fruit.

Bradford Roy. Sp Fork, 65A 1 mi S. Beets, grazing land. Fmly 9.

Bradford Sylvester, Sp Fork, phone 8-J, 30A % mi S. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 1.

Brallsford Chas, Spgvl, 4A ¼ mi E. Garden truck, peaches. Fmly 8.

Brallsford James, Spgvl, 3A in city limits, 11A on Mapleton Bench. Alfalfa.

Brallsford John, Spgvl, 7A ½ mi E. Alfalfa, poultry. Fmly 0.

Braithwaite John, Sp Fork, phone 90-J, 40A 2½ mi S. Beets, wheat. Fmly 6.

Braithwaite Lynes, Sp Fork, 22A ½ mi E. Alfalfa, Tamworth hogs.

Braithwaite Willard, Sp Fork, 1A 2 mi E, rents 70A owned by Joseph Hanson. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 6.

Brammall C D, Spgvl, 8A in city limits. Beets, hay.

Brammall Susan A, Spgvl, 13A 1 mi SE, 6A 1 mi W. Wheat, alfalfa, beets. Fmly 1.

Brammall Wm S, Spgvl, 7A, rents 19A 1½ mi SE owned by Mrs. Sam'l Brammall. Alfalfa, wheat, oats. Fmly 6.

Bray C R, Provo, 599 N 6 W, 1A 2½ mi NW, rents 21A owned by C H Haines. Wheat, potatoes, Elberta peaches. Fmly 6.

Bray Earl, Provo RFD 1, rents 10A 3 mi NW owned by Kate Caffer, Pocatello, Idaho. Peaches, apples, cherries. Fmly 5.

Breams John, Lehi RFD 1, 9A 1 mi N, rents 9A owned by Wm Herron. Silver Club wheat, oats, alfalfa, Idaho Rural potatoes. Fmly 10.

Brereton Austin, Provo RFD 2, Box 75, 7A 3 mi NE. Hay, grain, fruits. Fmly 7.

Brereton Elmo, Provo RFD 2, 1A 3 mi NE. Vegetables. Fmly 4.

Brereton R E, Provo RFD 2, Box 67, 2A 2½ mi NE. Raspberries, vegetables. Fmly 8.

Brereton R W, Provo, 607 N 2 E, phone 403-J, 74A 3 mi N. General farming, peaches, apples, hay, beets. Fmly 3.

Bresee Charles. Provo RFD 2, Box 220, rents 11A 2 mi SW owned by T W Duke. Beets, grain, potatoes. Fmly 5.

Briggs Eugene, Lehi RFD 1, rents 29A 2 mi NE owned by Jessie Smith, 30A 1 mi E owned by Annie Green. Calif. Club wheat, Russian White oats, Idaho Rural and Russet potatoes, alfalfa and alfalfa seed, pure bred Durham cattle, pure bred Poland China hogs. White Leghorn chickens. Fmly 6.

Briggs Isaac, Sp Fork, 43A 1 mi NE. Cattle, hay, grain, beets, horses.

Briggs Sam'l, Lehi. 30A ½ mi W. Turkey Red and Calif. Club wheat, alfalfa, red top, beets, Minorca chickens. Fmly 2.

Briggs Walter, Sp Fork, rents 55A owned by Jack Bell. Beets, alfalfa, wheat oats.

Brimhall E M. estate, Sp Fork, 840A, homestead 320A. Grain, hay.

Brimhall Geo H, Pres B V University. Provo, 287 E 1 N, phone 682. Fmly 8. (See Brimhall Brimhall & Keeler)

Brimhall Brimhall & Keeler, (See G H & J B), 830A 3 mi W Benjamin, 35A 7 mi NW Provo. Hay, grain, pasturage.

Brimhall Wm, Payson, 3A 1 mi SW. Milk, peaches, apples. Fmly 7.

Bringhurst Bishop J F, County Comnr, Spgvl, phone 121, 50A 3 mi W. Beets, hay, grain.

Bringhurst J W, Spgvl, 42A 1½ mi NW. Alfalfa, grain, hay. Fmly 2.

Bringhurst Wm, Spgvl, homestead 40A 10 mi E in Hobble Creek. Wheat. Fmly 2.

Bringhurst Wm J, Spgvl, 60A 1 mi SW. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Brinton D P, Spgvl, Box 24A, phone 141-J, 8A 1 mi NE, 6A in city limits, rents 12A owned by Charles Palfreyman, 4A owned by T D Avery. Beets, alfalfa, milk.

Broadbent James T, Santaquin, 11A 1½ mi NW. Wheat.

Broadbent Retta, Provo, 568 E 6 N, rents 80A 6 mi W owned by Provo Reservoir Co. Wheat, barley, alfalfa. Fmly 8.

Brockbank Delbert, Sp Fork, 20A 2 mi W. Wild hay. Fmly 3.

Brockbank Joshua, Sp Fork, 37A 1 mi SE. Apples, beef cattle, alfalfa.

Brockbank Joseph, Sp Fork, 36A ½ mi W, 320A 4 mi SE. Turkey Red wheat, beets, alfalfa, grazing.

Brockbank Samuel, Sp Fork, 320A 4 mi E, 26A ½ mi W. Beets, alfalfa, Turkey Red wheat. Fmly 4.

Brockbank Wm Ernest, Sp Fork, phone 5-F-5 30A 4 mi SE. Beets, wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Brockbank Wm Ernest, Sp Fork, 20A 3 mi E. Beets, alfalfa, wheat, apples. Fmly 10.

Brokmeyer Frederick W, Cedar Fort, homestead 160A ½ mi W. Dryland wheat, corn. Fmly 2.

Bromley John R, Spgvl, 31A 4 mi SE, rents 10A owned by Ed Palfreyman. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 11.

Brooks J R, Provo RFD 2A 1½ mi SE. Potatoes, peaches. Fmly 3.

Brook Squire, Payson, 9A 3 mi W. Alfalfa.

Broomhead A J, Lehi, RFD 1, Box 61, 7½A 1 mi N. Bartlett pears, prunes, winter apples.

Brown Alex, Mosida, 160A. Wheat, oats. Fmly 6.

Brown Alfred, Am Fork RFD 1, 8A 1 mi NE Alpine. General farming, potatoes, small fruit. Fmly 5.

Brown B W Jr, Lehi, 100A 1½ mi N, rents 100A owned by B W Brown. Turkey Red wheat. Fmly 10.

Brown Mrs. Bent, Sp Fork, 4A 3 mi E. Alfalfa.

Brown Benj. W, Am Fork, phone 105-J-l, 26A 1 mi SE, rents 10A 4 mi NE owned by Mrs. R W Brown. Garden truck, wheat, oats. Fmly 6.

Brown E W, Spgvl, 80A 2¼ mi E. Apples, alfalfa, horses.

Brown Geo A, Provo, 153 S 5 W, phone 338-R, 10A 3 mi NW rented to Clinton Hill. Fruits, hay, grain. Fmly 8.

Brown I S, Spgvl, 21A. Alfalfa.

Brown J L, Provo, 244 N 3 W, phone 595-W, 90A 4 mi NW, rented to Ernest Rowley. General farming. Fmly 6.

Brown J W, estate, Am Fork, 40A 1 mi S. Beets, oats, potatoes.

Brown J W, Am Fork, 21A 4 mi N. Alfalfa, wheat, sheep. Fmly 3.

Brown James, Lehi, 40A 1 mi N. Turkey Red and Silver Club wheat, blue stem barley, beets, alfalfa. Fmly 2.

Brown James, Am Fork, 45A 4 mi N. Wheat, potatoes, beets, oats. Fmly 3.

Brown John, Lehi, 60A 3 mi NW 10A in NE Lehi, homestead 30A 4 mi NE. Turkey Red, Blue Stem and Colo Special wheat, alfalfa, beets, oats, blue barley, potatoes, Holstein and Jersey cattle, Chester White hogs.

Brown John, Pl Grove, 3A 3 blks S. Raspberries. Fmly 6.

Brown John W, Am Fork, 2¼A ½ mi N Alpine. Raspberries, apples, plums, dewberries, blackberries. Fmly 5.

Brown Martha, Am Fork, 6½A 1½ mi NW. Alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Brown Mary A, Provo RFD 2, Box 169, 17A 2 mi NW. Apples, peaches, pasture. Fmly 2.

Brown Matilda, Pl Grove, 20A ½ mi W. Alfalfa, beets. Fmly 6.

Brown Newell A, Lehi, 10A in W Lehi, 15A 2 mi SW. Alfalfa, red top, beets, barley, Chester White hogs. Fmly 4.

Brown R, Provo RFD 2, Box 171, 2A, rents 6A 2 mi NW owned by E J Brown. General farm products. Fmly 6.

Brown Schuyler, Sp Fork, 50A 2 mi SE. Alfalfa, beets, wheat. Fmly 1.

Brown Theda E, Spgvl, 30A 1½ mi W. Beets, wheat, grazing, dairy. Fmly 13.

Brown Walter C, Provo RFD 1, Box 161, 11A 5 mi NW. Raspberries, currants, sweet cherries, Bartlett pears, apples. Fmly 6.

Brown W D, Provo RFD 2, Box 169, 2½A 2½ mi NW, rents 12A 2 mi NW owned by Mrs. Mary A Brown. Raspberries, beets, apples, carrots. Fmly 7.

Brown Wm B, Sp Fork, rents 92A 2 mi W owned by Charles Brown. Cattle, alfalfa, wheat, oats, barley.

Brown W M, Spgvl, 20A 1½ mi W. Beets, hay, grain.

Bruneau-Hill Inv. Co, SLC, 343 S Main St, 18A 5 mi N Provo rented to Geo Miner. Alfalfa, peaches, apples.

Buckley Wm, Provo, 914 N Acad av, phone 562-M, 3A 1 mi N. Jersey cows, Rhode Island Red chickens. Fmly 4.

Buckley W J, Payson, 5A 1 mi SW. Prunes, apples, peaches. Fmly 5.

Buckner J M, Provo RFD 2, 1A 2½ mi NW, rents 55A owned by John Smith. Idaho Pearl potatoes, Peerless Club wheat.

Buckwalter A W, Am Fork, 50A 1½ mi S. Beets, alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 4.

Buckwalter J E, Am Fork, 10A 3 mi N, 65A 1 mi S. Beets, potatoes, wheat, oats;, barley. Fmly 8.

Buker Wm H, Am Fork, 3A 2 mi N Alpine in Am Fork canyon. Apples, Raspberries, strawberries. Fmly 6.

Bullock Alex, Pl Grove, 26A ½ mi SE, 2½A 8 blks E. Wheat, oats, beets, peaches, apples, raspberries, alfalfa. Fmly 4.

Bullock Alex, Pl Grove, 10A 1 mi N. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 1.

Bullock Ben H. Provo, 455 E 3 S, 60A 2½ mi SE. Fruit, grain, wheat, beets. Fmly 6.

Bullock J A, Provo, 61 N 4 W, 50A 3 mi SE. General farming. Fmly 7.

Bullock Jas A, Provo, 61 N 4 W, 40A 3 mi S. Beets. Fmly 8.

Bullock J O, Pl Grove, Box 51, 65A ½ mi SE. General farming, stock raising, pure bred Percheron horses. Fmly 2.

Bullock Joseph I, Provo, 483 E 3 S, 50A 4 mi SE. Beets, hay, grain. Fmly 11.

Bullock M H, Pl Grove, 30A ½ mi W. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 6.

Bullock Ralph A, Provo, 691 W 3 N, 40A 5 mi S, rents 25A owned by Benj Bullock. Beets. Fmly 12.

Bullock R A, Provo, 7 W and 3 N. 26A 3 mi S. Hay, grain, beets, potatoes. Fmly 12.

Bullock W A, Pl Grove, 3A ½ mi S. Wheat, mixed fruit. Fmly 9.

Bulver E H, Payson, 2A in city limits. Apples.

Bunnell L L, Provo RFD 1, phone 541-R-2, 120A 3½ mi NW. Alfalfa, dairy products. Fmly 9.

Bunnell S E, Provo RFD 1, phone 541-J-2, 130A 2½ mi NW, homestead 160A 8 mi S Fairfield. Beets, hay, grain, dairy products. Fmly 7.

Bunting Mrs. Margarette, Sp Fork, 17A 2 mi W. Alfalfa, wheat, beets. Fmly 8.

Burke Thos M, Thistle. Land owner.

Burrahton R W, Goshen, 3A ½ mi W. Beets. Fmly 2.

Burrahton W H, Goshen, 90A 1 mi N. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 6.

Burraston Jas, Goshen, 80A 3 mi NW. Alfalfa, wheat.

Burraston Warren, Goshen, 3A 15 mi NW. rents 20A. Garden truck, beets, wheat, barley, poultry. Fmly 5.

Burch Claud, Provo, 50A 5 mi N. Alfalfa, O I C hogs, Elberta peaches. Fmly 4.

Burch George, Provo RFD 2, phone 149-R-3, 8A 5 mi N. General farming, raspberries. Fmly 5.

Burch G F, Sp Fork, phone 220-J-2, 34A 2 mi W Lake Shore. Wheat, beets, hogs.

Burgess A H, Am Fork RFD 1, 3A, rents 20A owned by Annie Watson. Apples, peaches, small fruit. Fmly 2.

Burgess Clarence, Am Fork RFD 1, 80A 2½ mi W Alpine. Dryland wheat. Fmly 3.

Burgess Edward W, Am Fork RFD 1, 80A ½ mi S Alpine. Alfalfa, wheat, oats, corn. Fmly 8.

Burgess Geo E, Am Fork, 80A 4 mi N. General farming. Fmly 5.

Burgi D, Provo RFD 1, Box 312, 5A 4 mi NW. Raspberries, peaches, pears, apples, garden truck. Fmly 6.

Burningham F A, Provo RFD 1, Box 101-A, 11A 3½ mi N. Apples. Fmly 3.

Burns Sam'l, Pl Grove, 15A 1½ mi SW. Potatoes, barley, oats. Fmly 6.

Burr H U, Provo, RFD 1, Box 206, 5A 6 mi NW. Cherries, prunes, peaches. Fmly 6.

Burt A R, Sp Fork, 160A 3 mi N. Alfalfa, meadow grass, oats.

Burt F J, Spgvl, 10A 1 mi E. Grain.

Bush James, Pl Grove, 15A ½ mi W. Alfalfa, wheat. Fmly 6.

Bush James H, Pl Grove, 6A 1 blk W. Bush Wm, Am Fork, 13A % mi E. wheat. Fmly 3.

Bush Wm, Am Fork, 17A in city limits Alfalfa, corn, Rome Beauty and Jonathan apples.

Bushman E A, Lehi, PO Box 558, 49A 1 mi W. Beets, alfalfa, grazing land.

Bushman M B, Lehi RFD 1, Box 254, 15A 2 mi W. Beets, Club wheat, Rustic potatoes, alfalfa. Fmly 3.

Bushman J A, Lehi, 30A 5 mi W, rents 320A. Beets, alfalfa, oats. Club wheat.

Bushnell Amanda, Provo, RFD 1, Box 194, phone 127-R-2, 25A 6 mi N, homestead 160A 8 mi NE. Hay, tomatoes, fruit, grain. Fmly 6.

Bushnell F J, (Husband Amanda).

Bushnell Wallace, (See Amanda).

Bushnell Walter, (See Amanda).

Buss Fred, Provo RFD 1, Box 89, phone 175-R-4, 7½A 3 mi NW. Apples, peaches, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Butler Caroline. Santaquin, 70A in Spring Lake, 3 mi N. Potatoes, wheat.

Butler David, Payson, 80A 2 mi S. Wheat, alfalfa, White Leghorn chickens.

Butler Francelie, Provo, 1219 W 6 S, 3½A 1½ mi SW. Alfalfa. Fmly 10.

Butler Jas A, Sp Fork, phone 173-W, 140A 12 mi S. Alfalfa, wild hay, wheat, oats, beets, cattle, horses. Fmly 7.

Butler Jesse S. Sp Fork, 70A 1 mi S. Beets, cattie, alfalfa, horses, wheat, oats, corn, turkeys, hogs, chickens. Fmly 9.

Butler Thomas, Sp Lake, 13A 1 mi N, rents 100A owned by Justin Loveless. Wheat, alfalfa. Fmly 5.

Butt J N, Lehi RFD 1, Box 33, 24A 1 mi NE. 31A 1 mi N, 80A 7 mi SW. Sliver Club wheat, oats, Idaho Rural and Russet potatoes, alfalfa, Jersey and Holstein cattle. Fmly 6.

Butterfield A K, Payson, 100A 4 mi NW. Hay, wheat, potatoes, oats. Fmly 6.

Buxton L S, Provo, 98 W Center, 48A 3 mi NW Sp Fork. Beets, hay, grain. Fmly 2.

Bylund E O, Santaquin, 210A 1 mi S. Wheat, alfalfa.

Bylund Henry, Santaquin, 68A 3 mi S. Wheat.

Utah County Gazetteer | Utah County


Source: Farmers and Merchants Directory, Utah County, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916. 



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