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The County Surveyor's office is perhaps the least understood office in the county; but in reality it is one of the most important. It is the technical department of the county and everything of a technical nature must be approved by the county surveyor. The work includes laying out of roads, designing of bridges, culverts and other structures, reestablishment of lost or obliterated government corners, establishment of county boundaries, securing rights of way for State and county roads and numerous other important matters.

Owing to the rapid development of agriculture in Utah County the past few years, new roads are constantly being opened.

All maps and plats filed for record in the county recorder's office are recorded by the county surveyor's office, and all the records, field books, plats, designs, etc., of all work done by or through this office are kept on file in the county surveyor's office for the benefit of the public.

Frank S. Allen

Mr. Frank S. Allen, assistant county surveyor was born in Provo in 1877. He was educated in the public schools of Provo and the Brigham Young University.

Besides his residence school training, he has taken considerable post graduate work in engineering subjects with the I. C. School at Scranton, Penn.

Mr. Allen has spent a great deal of time in practical mining engineering. He has also had considerable experience in government land surveying, irrigation and hydrographic surveying, mapping and platting, on one of the largest irrigation projects in the State. 

J. F. Bringhurst

J. F. Bringhurst, county commissioner, was born in Springville, December 13, 1861, and attended the first term of the then Brigham Young Academy, where he received his education. Mr. Bringhurst has been in the mercantile business and was for fifteen years traveling auditor and salesman for the Consolidated Wagon and Machine Company.

Hyrum H. Christensen

Hyrum II. Christensen, county assessor, was born in Salem, Utah, June 4, 1881.

After completing a two years business course at the L. D. S. high school he took up the occupation of farming, In which capacity he gained a very good reputation. In 1909 and 1910 he acted as chief deputy in the county clerk's office. In the fall of 1910, he was elected county assessor and successfully filled this very important position and was re-elected by the people for another two-year term which he is now serving.

It is the general opinion that the county assessor's office is one of the best managed and thorough offices in the county.

Mr. Christensen has done himself proud at the head of this office and is deserving of all the credit which has been given him. It is under his administration that the new system of assessments has been inaugurated which takes effect this fall and which gives the full valuation of property. This system is an Improvement and should be received with approval by all.

Marian Clinger

In 1874 Marian Clinger was born In Provo and is now the County Road Commissioner. Mr. Clinger passed his early boyhood days In Provo, later attending the Brigham Young University. Mr. Clinger is a successful farmer and stock raiser and has held many civil offices. Of course, at the present time, Mr. Clinger is deeply Interested In his work as County Road Commissioner, and our good roads are an evidence of his ability and success along these lines. His main efforts are now being diverted to work on the roads In Pine Canyon near Eureka; Canyon Glen in Provo and the securing of the abandoned railroad grade from Goshen to Soldier Summit, In Spanish Fork Canyon. Mr. Clinger is not a believer in unnecessary expenditures for temporary road construction and repairs and is a strong advocate for a concrete highway in Utah County, from the north end of the county to the south end, which could be built and maintained at a cost less than for temporary roads. This would give Utah County a passable road 365 days in the year. Mr. Clinger is a leading citizen in his community and one who has long since gained the respect and admiration of all those with whom he has come in contact.

Don W. Conover

Don W. Conover, deputy county assessor, was born and raised in Provo and with the exception of two and a half years, representing the Mormon Church, he has always lived in the Garden City. Mr. Conover received his education at the district schools and the Brigham Young University of Provo. Under his management, the card system of titles of real estate now in vogue, in the assessor's office, of Utah County, was installed and is classed as one of the best and most up-to-date in the state.

James H. Gardner

James H. Gardner of Lehi, has charge of the northern district of Utah county's business. He is a man with progressive ideas always boosting for the uplift and betterment of county conditions and is well respected by all who know him. Mr. Gardner is interested in the sugar factory, and other business interests in the county.

Henry East

Sheriff Henry East was born in England in 1872, coming to America with his parents two years later. The family located in Weber County where Mr. East received his early education. For a number of years the sheriff followed railroading until in 1901 he was elected city marshal of Lehi, where he served for seven and one-half years. In 1912 Mr. East was elected sheriff of Utah County and again in 1914 was re-elected to serve a two-year term, in which capacity he is now engaged. Mr. East has a strong character and a personality which fits him exceptionally well for the Important position which he holds and commands respect from all with whom he comes in contact. The people of Utah County should be proud of the work which has been done in the sheriff's office under the administration of Mr. East.

Elias A. Gee

Deputy County Clerk Ellas A. Gee was born In Provo, June 29, 1808.

Mr. Gee spent the early part of his life on the farm, attending the Brigham Young University (commercial department) during the winter months.

For six years Mr. Gee was engaged in the mercantile business In Provo and In April, 1899, completed a two years' absence, which was spent in Florida, representing the Mormon Church. Upon his return, Mr. Gee associated himself with the Provo Woolen Mills, and in 1905 was elected county clerk of Utah County, where he served for four years, after which he became associated with the Z. C. M. I. at Provo.

It is doubtful that any other county officer has had as much business experience as Mr. Gee and his success lies in his strength of character and business ability. Mr. Gee is admired by his friends, both political and otherwise, for his courteous and obliging manner.

Benjamin Isaac

The third county commissioner is Benjamin Isaac of Spanish Fork, who has charge of the southern section of Utah county policies. Mr. Isaac is a progressive man of affairs, who always finds time to do his full duty in the office which he holds.

C. F. Johnson

C. F. Johnson, county recorder, was born in Payson, Utah, February 5, 1886. After graduating from the Payson high school, Mr. Johnson served two years as deputy county clerk from 1911 to 1913, where he admirably served the people of Utah County.

From 1913 to 1915 Mr. Johnson was employed by the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company and again in November, 1915, was called upon to serve the people of Utah County, being elected county recorder. All who know Mr. Johnson and his abilities predict for him a very successful career, and it is doubtful if the people of Utah County could easily find a man who would perform his public duties equally as well.

L. L. Nelson

L. L. Nelson, county treasurer, was born in Provo, Utah, October 1, 1864. He received his education at the Brigham Young University and for | several years followed along mechanical lines.

Mr. Nelson has held numerous civil and ecclesiastical positions. He served as county recorder from 1896 to 1899 and was deputy county treasurer for eight years from 1900 to 1908 and was re-elected county treasurer in 1914. Mr. Nelson has been very popular in his long public life, and has served the people with the determination to give them only the best. Each year improvements have been made in accounting methods and in 1915 the books of the county were audited and found, in addition to being thoroughly up-to-date, to be in splendid and accurate condition.

Mr. Nelson is one of the stalwart Republicans of Utah County and is respected and looked up to by all. He is efficient and his ability and amiable disposition have carried him on to success.

E. T. Palfreyman

E. T. Palfreyman, county clerk of Utah County, was born April 17, 1883, at Springville, Utah. He was educated at the Brigham Young University and International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pa.

Mr. Palfreyman was elected treasurer of Utah County by the Republican Party, November, 1910. While treasurer, marked improvements were made in the keeping of accounts. He introduced the feature of writing a full description of the real estate in Utah County. This improvement reduced the expense to the tax payers $456.00. Tax experts from most of the counties of this state adopted this system.

During part of the years 1913 and 1914 he was employed by the state auditor. In November, 1914, he was elected county clerk. In this office he has effected a saving of $465.75, as compared with the previous year.

Mr. Palfreyman is chairman of the Republican Party at Springville; is a public worker in the community in which he lives; and is broadminded and energetic.

Geo. P. Parker

Geo. P. Parker, L. L. B., county attorney, was born in American Fork, Utah, 31 years ago. Mr. Parker graduated from the Brigham Young University with honors, later taking his degree from the University of Michigan. For several years Mr. Parker was engaged in business in Canada. He later returned to Utah, locating In Provo, where he organized the firm of Parker & Robinson, attorneys, which is one of the strongest and most reliable firms in the county.

Through determination to build up a big practice, Mr. Parker has successfully guided his firm until it has reached an enviable position in the legal profession generally, and it was this same determination to succeed and give the county the very best attention possible that won for Mr. Parker his election on the Republican ticket, as county attorney, January 4, 1915.

Mr. Parker is giving the same careful attention to his public duties which so characterizes his firm, and there is no doubt that the county attorney's office will be more systematically and economically operated than has ever been the case before.

John R. Stewart

County Surveyor John R. Stewart was born in Provo, Utah, January 20, 1879, and has always resided in Utah County, except while away to school.

He received his high school education at the Brig-ham Young University, Provo, and from 1904 to 1908 attended the University of Utah, taking out the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering.

Mr. Stewart has practiced engineering in one field or another for twenty years. He has had numerous government contracts for the survey of public lands throughout Utah and Wyoming. After many years of practice he has acquired a general knowledge of Utah County and particularly its surveys, which especially fits him for the important position of engineer for Utah County.

Utah County


Source: Farmers and Merchants Directory, Utah County, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916. 



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