Beaver County Utah

While explorers first visited present-day Beaver County in the 1776 Dominguez-Escalante Expedition, the county was created by the Utah territorial legislature from a section of Iron County on January 5, 1856 when Latter-day Saint settlers founded the city of Beaver, Utah. The county was named after the animal which was plentiful there.

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Remains of Frisco Utah

Historical Communities

Fort Cameron

Fort Cameron was a United States Military installation, located east of Beaver, Utah. The fort opened in 1872 and was active for 11 years, until 1883. The fort was originally established to protect settlers of Central Utah from local American Indians, and to keep an eye on supposed Mormon rebellions. After the fort was decommissioned the buildings were sold to two locals, John R. Murdock and Philo T. Farnsworth, who helped organize the Beaver Branch of Brigham Young Academy (now Brigham Young University). After the Utah State Legislature passed a law requiring counties to offer tuition free schools, the LDS Church closed the school and sold the property. All but one of the fort's buildings were razed, and most of the property is now a golf course.

Fort Cameron, Utah

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